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7 Best-Rated Ductless Range Hood (24″/30″/36″) Reviews

If you’re looking for the best ductless range hood for your kitchen, you’re in the right place! 

We’re comparing 7 of the best-rated options available out there, complete with noteworthy features, benefits, and cons for each. 

Whether you’re looking for a completely ductless hood option or one that is able to convert into a ducted unit, you’ll find what you’re looking for in the reviews below.

7 Best Ductless Range Hood Reviews

When it comes to hood vents, there are literally hundreds (possibly even thousands) of options out there. There are a variety of brands, sizes, colors, quality levels, etc. It’s a lot to think about.

We’ve compiled a greatest hits list of some of the highest-rated options with a range of cost and quality specifications so you can find exactly what you need for your home.

1. Broan-NuTone 413004 Under Cabinet 30″ Hood

Noteworthy Features

  • Replaceable charcoal filter for easy care
  • Various colors available to match your kitchen decor


  • Good balance of quality and value
  • Easy to use: simple rocker switches for the fan and light


  • The 2-speed motor isn’t as strong or efficient as other models
  • Cannot convert to ducted

Who Is This For?

If you’re looking for a good economical option, this is it. It’s actually a great value for its cost.

Also, many range hoods (both ducted and ductless) are only available in stainless steel. If you’re trying to match your hood vent with existing appliances, this is one of the only ones with multiple options.

Additionally, if you’re partial to charcoal and you’re looking for the best ductless range hood with a charcoal filter, this is a great option for you.

2. COSMO 5MU30 Under Cabinet Convertible 30″ Hood

Noteworthy Features

  • Slim profile hood (only 5.5″ high)
  • 3-speed motor (efficient but not loud)


  • Very quiet motor (56dB max)
  • Reusable aluminum mesh filters


  • Listed as an ‘under cabinet’ range, but some installation issues were reported when securing to the cabinet above rather than the wall
  • Only 1 light towards the back of the unit

Who Is This For?

If you’re specifically seeking an economical option but want a little bit of a better motor (and therefore better air circulation) than some less expensive models, then this is for you. 

The 3-speed motor is better than others but still boasts a relatively low price point.

3. COSMO 63175S Wall Mount Convertible 30″ Hood

Noteworthy Features

  • Efficient airflow (380 CFM)
  • Energy-efficient lights (2-watt LEDs)


  • Dishwasher-safe filters
  • Quiet motor (65dB)


  • Takes up a lot more space than an under-cabinet mount
  • Must purchase a separate kit to convert it to ductless

Who Is This For?

If you’re looking for a statement piece that won’t break the bank, this is a great choice. 

The chimney-style vent is definitely stylish. It would work best if you’ve got some space to work with above your stove, as it stands a lot higher than other slimmer models.

4. CIARRA CAS75918A Under Cabinet Convertible 30″ Hood

Noteworthy Features

  • Ultra-slim design (only 3.94″ high)
  • 5-layer aluminum mesh filters


  • Simple push-button controls
  • Easy conversion back and forth from ductless to ducted if desired


  • Must purchase a separate kit to convert to ductless
  • The stainless steel isn’t very high-grade; it’s more lightweight

Who Is This For?

If you’re on the hunt for something with a midline price point that won’t take up a lot of space, this option may be perfect for you. It has a great balance between its price point and value.

Also, if you’re planning to convert your hood vent from ductless to ducted, or you want to be able to switch back and forth, this does so remarkably well. The conversion process requires a separate kit but is quite simple to do.

If you’re specifically searching for the best 30″ ductless under cabinet range hood, this is pretty much the slimmest profile you can find out there at less than 4″ high.

5. ZLINE ZLKB-30 Wall Mount Adjustable 30″ Hood

Noteworthy Features

  • Excellent airflow with 760 CFM
  • Option for a short or long chimney stack (ceiling heights 7 ft. to 12 ft.)


  • 4-speed fan yet still very quiet (56 dB)
  • Configured for both ductless and ducted options


  • Higher price point than other options
  • A heavier unit (40 lbs) means a less simple installation

Who Is This For?

For those of you looking for a nicer model and who don’t mind spending a little extra without going all the way to a luxury model, this is for you.

It looks like a luxury model with its sleek design, and with the option to use the short stack or extend it, you can really customize it to what you want.

Also, this is one of the best motor/fan combinations out there. With air displacement of 760 CFM and a 4-speed motor, the quality of filtration will be excellent.

6. Broan-NuTone BUEZ124WW Under Cabinet 24″ Hood

Noteworthy Features

  • Easy to clean (simple design)
  • Slim 24″ size can fit nearly any kitchen space


  • Very economical price point
  • Charcoal filter is included


  • Replaceable air filters mean you have to keep purchasing more
  • Less control with only 2 fan speeds

Who Is This For?

Those thinking of the most economical option, this is exactly what you’re looking for in a ductless range hood.

It’s a highly-rated unit with great reviews and a price point under $100. You can’t go wrong in terms of value here.

Also, if you’re looking specifically for the best 24″ ductless range hood, this is your best bet. It’s small but efficient.

7. Faber Under Cabinet Convertible 36″ Hood

Noteworthy Features

  • Automatic on/off function when pulling out the hood visor
  • Customizable front trim


  • Dishwasher-safe mesh filters
  • Great air filtration with 600 CFM


  • Very high price point
  • Comes as a ducted hood and must be converted to ductless if preferred

Who Is This For?

This unit is great for those of you looking for the best of these options regardless of price point.

Especially if you’re looking for the best 36″ ductless range hood out there and you’ve got some room to spare in your kitchen, this model is a high-performing option.

In addition, if you’d prefer to hide most of the unit behind custom kitchen trim for a sleek look, this is the one to get.

You can easily get accessory kit panels to fully customize the look for your specific kitchen decor.

5 Factors to Consider When Buying a Ductless Range Hood

As with most things (home purchases especially), there are a few factors to really consider before pulling the trigger on ordering a range hood unit. 

You’ll want to take a look at its potential placement, the size of the hood, its noise level, your budget, and the hood’s air filtration quality before making a final purchase.


Where is your stove? What do you have above your stove? These are questions you’ll want to ask yourself before purchasing a range hood.

If your stove has cabinets above it, you may want to consider an under-cabinet unit, whereas if your stove is up against a wall, you might prefer a wall mount. 


When you’re looking for a range hood to go over the top of your stove, you’ll want to pay attention to your stove’s measurements for sure.

You’ll want to get a product with the same width as your stove, and something with a depth that makes sense. You don’t want it sticking out too far forward past the front of your stove.

Another factor to think about with size is how high your ceiling is, or how high the cabinet above your stove is if you have one.

You’ll want to check the recommendations for whichever range hoods you’re considering and make sure you have enough space between the top of your stove and the bottom of your range hood to work properly.

Noise Level

Are you specifically looking for a quiet hood, or does it not matter so much to you? This is a personal preference and something to keep in mind when you’re considering which hood to purchase. 

Many of the products list the actual maximum decibels (dB) that their product operates with so you can make a more informed decision.

For reference, most range hoods operate between 50-65 dB. The lower end of that range is about the sound level of a conversation.


The price range for range hoods can be pretty wide, so you’ll want to have a clear idea of what you’re willing to spend before you start. 

Even within our recommendations here, we’ve got some more economical options with lower price points, middle-of-the-line suggestions, and higher-bracket hoods to choose from.

Air Filtration Quality

This is arguably the most important factor to consider, as it speaks to the quality of the unit itself. 

The air filtration quality of range hoods is measured in CFM or Cubic Feet per Minute. This describes the volume of air that the fan moves in one minute of operation.

Range hoods can have CFMs anywhere from 200 to 900, although many ductless units like the ones discussed here typically max out around 500-700 or so. 

The recommendation is to choose a CFM that matches your stovetop’s BTU output at a 1:100 ratio. For example, if the strongest burner on your stove has an output of 30,000 BTUs, then you’ll want to choose a range hood with a CFM of at least 300.

FAQs About Ductless Range Hood

What Does Ductless Range Hood Mean?

This type of range hood doesn’t require a duct hookup, hence ‘ductless.’ 

Another name for this type of range hood is a recirculating range hood because it recirculates the air instead of venting it out. Instead of venting out, the unit removes impurities from the air and then recirculates it back into the kitchen.

Which is Better, Ducted or Ductless Range Hood?

In terms of quality, ducted range hoods tend to be better because they are more efficient, have more power, and tend to last longer.

That being said, ductless range hoods are still a great option for residential settings. This is especially true if you have a small kitchen and/or don’t do a high volume of cooking.

How Does a Ductless Range Hood Work?

Ductless range hoods recirculate the air that already exists in the kitchen.

The fan pulls the air inside, the filter(s) removes as many impurities as it’s able to, and then it pushes the cleaned air back into the kitchen.

Where Do Ductless Range Hoods Vent?

These types of range hoods simply vent the air back into your kitchen.

While it won’t remove cooking odors, smoke, or grease, it will remove some impurities from the air before the fan recirculates it back out.

Why Trust Us?

Anyone can do research on the internet, but it does take a good eye to compare products and know what to make of them.

We’ve been doing this for a long time, so we know what to look for and how to compare products to make a sound recommendation.

In addition, we have a strong culinary background, giving us a particular edge when it comes to food and kitchen products. That definitely comes in handy when you’re trying to figure out what type of ductless range hood to buy, for example.

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