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8 Best Coffee Carafes to Keep Coffee Warm

Nothing is more disappointing than sipping on a terrible cup of coffee.

But it’s usually not a ‘never getting those coffee beans again’ or a brewing problem. It’s simply that your coffee has gone cold. And coffee at room temperature does not taste good.

Well, reheating coffee is not the answer. That’s a no-no to tackle for another day. What you need is a coffee carafe to keep your coffee hot for longer.

We’ve reviewed the best coffee carafe for you.

What Is a Coffee Carafe?

Before diving into the nitty-gritty details of coffee carafes, let’s get through the most basic thing: what is a coffee carafe?

A coffee carafe is an insulated pot that stores coffee and keeps it hot for at least a few hours. Or, keep your cold coffee cold for an entire day.

It can be made using various materials, such as glass or stainless steel. Coffee carafes usually have a handle, lid, and a pouring spout and have a few other uses besides temperature regulation, such as:

  • Preserving the taste and aroma of coffee by keeping it from the elements like air, light, and airborne aromatic particles
  • Reduce brewing frequency
  • Serving coffee

8 Best Coffee Carafe In-depth Reviews

1. Cresimo Stainless Steel Thermal Coffee Carafe

Cresimo has set the standard for the best thermal coffee carafe. And its reputation is well-deserved, especially with this stainless steel thermal carafe.

Made from surgical grade 18/8 double-walled and vacuum-sealed stainless steel, this carafe has excellent heat retention.

This Cresimo carafe can keep 68 ounces of coffee hot for 12 hours.


  • Good heat retention
  • Easy pouring with single-hand push-button technology
  • Drip-free, leak-free spout


  • Doesn’t have the most elegant look

2. Pykal Thermal Coffee Carafe

Here’s the older brother of Cresimo’s when it comes to heat retention. The Pykal 68-oz Thermal Coffee Carafe retains your coffee’s temperature for up to 24 hours.

But, keep in mind that the rating presumes a full, preheated carafe and no opening of the lid for 24 hours.

Thanks to its German precision engineering — made of premium-grade 18/10 stainless steel, double-walled, with a tough chrome lid.


  • Excellent heat retention
  • Zero-plastic carafe
  • Stylish design


  • The handle can be warm to touch

3. Zojirushi Vacuum Carafe with Brew-Thru Lid

It’s another one of the best coffee carafe brands on the market. Made with unbreakable stainless steel, this 64-oz vacuum carafe is as sturdy as they come.

One of its defining features is the patented Brew-thru lid technology, which allows you to brew your coffee directly into the carafe without taking off the lid. It gives you convenience, also keeping your coffee’s brewing temperature.

And when it comes to heat retention, this carafe can keep your coffee at 174℉ for 6 hours or just a little warm at 138℉ for up to 24 hours.


  • Brew-thru lid allows direct brewing
  • Excellent heat retention
  • Unbreakable construction


  • Not the easiest to clean

4. GiNT Stainless Steel Thermal Coffee Carafe

GiNT’s stainless steel thermal carafe is the best coffee carafe if you’re looking for something lean, small, and perfectly on-the-go.

The carafe is completely leak-proof and flawlessly made with an 18/8 stainless steel interior and exterior with an air-tight seal. Plus, it can store up to 51 oz. of coffee and keep it hot for 12 hours.


  • No leaking, spilling or dripping
  • With a convenient push-button dispensing mechanism
  • Wide mouth for easy cleaning


  • Heat time varies with the button released

5. Fellow Stagg Double Wall Coffee Carafe

If you’re looking for a carafe for pour-over coffee, the Fellow Stagg 20-oz coffee carafe is the perfect companion to the Stagg pour-over dripper.

Made with thick double-walled glass and with a silicone lid, you can keep your coffee piping hot for up to 40 minutes. Hand-blown using borosilicate glass, it’s easily the best glass coffee carafe on the eyes.


  • Double-walled for better heat retention
  • Solid build
  • Beautiful, modern look


  • It can’t compete with thermal carafes in heat retention

6. Hario V60 Insulated Metal Server

The Hario V60 insulated server is a unique coffee carafe ideal if you are looking for a sleek-looking but smaller carafe.

It’s one of the best coffee carafes for pour-over coffee, compatible with Hario V60 and other pour-over brewers.

It has a no-spill lid, and the spout pours coffee smoothly and easily, avoiding spills when serving.


  • Maintains the coffee’s quality and freshness
  • Doesn’t take up a lot of space
  • Compatible with different pour-over brewers


  • Not dishwasher safe

7. Hastings Collective Thermal Coffee Carafe

If you’re looking for another elegant coffee carafe, the Hastings Collective is it.

Like their advertising of ‘when luxury meets functionality,’ this 68-oz. carafe is simply one of the best-looking coffee carafes to grace your kitchen.

It’s not just for keeping your coffee hot for up to 6 hours either. This carafe comes with a mesh filter and strainer, so you can also use it for making cold brew coffee or brewing tea.


  • Incredibly elegant design
  • Comes in three colors: black, white, grey
  • Great functionality


  • Not the best for heat retention

8. Sumerflos Stainless Steel Coffee Thermal Carafe

Sleek and elegantly designed, the Sumerflos stainless steel carafe will sit prettily anywhere. It can hold up to 68 oz. of coffee and keep it warm for up to 12 hours.

One small detail, but a key feature of the best coffee carafe, is its spout cover that avoids spills and splashes when serving.

There’s also a rubber coating at the base to keep the carafe secure and stable on slick counters.


  • Easy to pour
  • Wide mouth for easy cleaning
  • Available in beautiful pastel shades: blue, green, pink


  • Plastic lid

Coffee Carafe Buying Guide

Before you buy your coffee carafe, consider these few things first. It will help you find an efficient and convenient coffee carafe.

Heat Retention

Not all carafes are made equal; some are good for keeping your coffee hot for 8 hours, some for 12 hours, and others an entire day.

Size of the Carafe

Consider your coffee habits when choosing a carafe. How many cups do you need to power up in the morning? Are you going to share your coffee?

Some carafes can store up to 15 cups of coffee, some 12 cups, others way less.

Thermal Coffee Carafe vs. Glass Coffee Carafe

There are two types of coffee carafes you can choose from, thermal and glass coffee carafes. Let’s look at them head-to-head and find the best one for you.

Thermal Coffee Carafe

Most thermal coffee carafes are made of stainless steel, sometimes aluminum, with a double-wall design to keep coffee warm for several hours.

Commonly, there is a vacuum between the walls to eliminate or reduce heat transfer between the inside and outside of the carafe.


  • Keeps coffee hotter for longer
  • Keeps coffee fresh, preserves taste and aroma
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Pricier
  • Not the easiest to clean

Glass Coffee Carafe

Glass coffee carafes are considered the traditional option and the kind that usually comes with most coffee makers. It literally looks what it sounds like – a glass coffee pot to store your coffee.

They can be made with different types of glass, but usually, they are shatterproof and heat resistant.

Glass carafes make it easy to monitor coffee levels, so you can easily tell when you’re running out. They come with wooden or plastic handles that remain cool to the touch.


  • Elegant-looking
  • Dishwashing-friendly
  • Cheaper


  • Fragile
  • Doesn’t keep coffee hot for long

FAQs About Coffee Carafe

What’s the best way to clean a coffee carafe?

The best way to keep your coffee carafe clean is to wash it regularly with dish soap and warm water.

Doing it at least once a week will prevent those brown coffee stains in your carafe.

How long does a thermal coffee carafe keep coffee hot?

Depending on the carafe’s insulation, a decent thermal coffee carafe typically keeps your coffee hot for up to 12 hours.

Of course, it will not keep your coffee at the same temperature your brew it. Thermal carafes usually lose around 4℉ after an hour.

Can you put a thermal coffee carafe in the dishwasher?

Yes, most thermal coffee carafes are dishwasher safe.

That said, it’s always smart to check the manufacturer’s instructions first as some parts may not be dishwasher safe, like the pump or lid. You’ll have to wash those by hand.

How do you clean the inside of a glass coffee carafe?

Residual coffee oils are pretty obvious in a glass pot.

To get rid of those coffee stains, deep clean your coffee carafe by filling it with a 1:1 water-vinegar solution. Let it sit for about 15-20 minutes or overnight for heavy residual stains before rinsing with warm water.


Coffee carafes are a worthwhile purchase if you want to save freshly brewed coffee for later.

It’s hard to say what the best coffee carafe is, but all the ones on this list have pretty great features to consider: capacity and heat retention.

But as a general rule, choose the best coffee carafe according to your needs and preferences: materials, size, features, functions, and even design.

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