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How Long Does Cookie Dough Last in the Fridge?

Cookies are a delicious and classic treat enjoyed by people of all ages. Whether you like them chewy or crunchy, with chocolate chips or nuts, there’s a cookie out there for everyone to enjoy.

One of the best things about cookie dough is that you can buy it from a store or make it at home and keep it in the fridge until you’re ready to bake them.

As a result, people often wonder, “How long does cookie dough last in the fridge?”. We’re here to answer that question for you!

15-Second Summary

Cookie dough can last in the fridge for three to five days, and frozen cookie dough can last six months to a year, depending on how it’s stored.

However, keep in mind that the sooner you use the dough, the fresher it will be!

And, when it comes to when cookie dough goes bad, always err on the side of caution and go by the expiration date on the package.

If you’re unsure whether or not your cookie dough is still good, throw it out to be safe.

What Makes Cookie Dough Go Bad?

cookie dough

Cookie dough contains perishable ingredients such as raw eggs and dairy, which can be contaminated with harmful bacteria [1] like Salmonella and E. Coli. These bacteria can proliferate if you leave the dough for over 2-4 hours at room temperature.

When you cook the dough, the heat will kill the bacteria that could have contaminated the ingredients. But the eggs combined with other ingredients such as sugar and butter can still go bad over time.

To extend its shelf life and prevent bacteria from growing, you must refrigerate cookie dough. In fact, some recipes will even specify that the dough should be chilled in the fridge for a certain amount of time before baking.

How Long Does Cookie Dough Last in The Fridge?

Typically, cookie dough can last in the fridge for three to five days if appropriately stored in an airtight container.

However, if you want your cookie dough to remain fresh tasting and easy to work with, we recommend using it as soon as possible.

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How Long Can Homemade Cookie Dough Last in The Fridge?

Homemade cookie dough, while delicious, doesn’t contain the preservatives [2] that store-bought cookie dough has. As a result, it won’t last as long in the fridge and should be used within two to four days.

If you want your homemade cookie dough to last a little longer, consider freezing it. This will extend its shelf life and allow you to enjoy homemade cookies anytime!

How Long Does Store-Bought Cookie Dough Last in The Fridge?

Store-bought cookie dough generally lasts longer than homemade cookie dough as it contains preservatives.

However, shelf life can vary depending on the brand, so it’s best to go by the expiration date on the package.

Once opened, aim to use the cookie dough within a week or so, or as with homemade cookie dough, consider freezing it instead.

How Long Can Sugar Cookie Dough Stay in The Fridge?

Sugar cookie dough, like other cookie doughs, can last in the fridge for two to four days. Any longer than that, you risk the dough becoming hard and difficult to work with.

Be sure to store your sugar cookie dough in an airtight container to prevent it from drying out or absorbing any other flavors from the fridge.

To extend the shelf life of sugar cookie dough, you can also freeze it. When properly stored, frozen sugar cookie dough can last six months to a year.

How Long Does Cookie Dough Last


In Fridge

In Freezer

Homemade Cookie Dough

2-4 days

6-12 months

Store-Bought Cookie Dough

Within one week

Sugar Cookie Dough

2-4 days

How To Tell if Cookie Dough Is Bad

chocolate chip cookie dough

You’ll know cookie dough is bad if it has any visible signs of mold or if it smells sour. Likewise, if you see the dough is darkening around the edges, that’s also a sure sign that it’s no longer suitable to eat.

While cookie dough that’s dried out may not necessarily be bad, it will be challenging to work with, and the cookies may not turn out as well.

If you’re unsure whether the cookie dough is still good, your best bet is to throw it out. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry regarding food safety.

How To Store Cookie Dough

Depending on when you’re planning to bake it, you can store your cookie dough in an airtight container in your fridge or freezer.

If you make a big batch of cookie dough and only plan on using a portion of it, the best option is to freeze the dough for future use.

This is an excellent way to extend the shelf life of your cookie dough and have it on hand for when those sudden cookie cravings strike.

But, How Long Is Frozen Cookie Dough Good For?

It depends on how it’s stored. Putting the dough in a freezer-safe container with a tight-fitting lid allows it to last for six months to a year, although the sooner you use it, the better the quality.

How To Store Frozen Cookie Dough

When freezing cookie dough, divide it into individual portions so you can thaw and bake only as much as you need. This will prevent waste and ensure that your cookie dough is always fresh.

Then, place your cookie dough in a freezer-safe container, Ziploc bag, or vacuum-sealed bag and squeeze out as much air as possible before you seal it. This step will help prevent freezer burn [3].

Lastly, label your container with the date you stored it.

When ready to use the dough, remove it from the freezer and thaw it in the fridge overnight.

Once it’s softened, you can either bake the cookies immediately or store the dough in the refrigerator for up to three days before baking.

FAQs About Cookie Dough

Here, we’ll answer some common questions about this topic.

How long can you refrigerate cookie dough before baking?

If properly wrapped, you can refrigerate the cookie dough for 3-5 days before you bake it. But, if you’re not planning to use it within five days, we recommend you freeze it.

What happens if you refrigerate cookie dough too long?

If you keep cookie dough in the fridge for too long, it will begin to dry out and lose quality. It will also become hard and difficult to work with, and, of course, there’s a risk it goes bad.

Can you get sick from eating expired cookie dough?

Yes, you shouldn’t eat cookie dough after it has expired, as it could be detrimental to your health [4], and you may experience symptoms such as stomachache, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea.

However, if stored correctly, you can consume the dough up to 1-2 months after its best-by date.

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Final Thoughts

Hopefully, after reading this article, you’re no longer wondering, “How long does cookie dough last in the fridge?”

I’m Jennifer Schlette, a Registered Dietitian and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. I love cooking, reading, and my kids! Here you’ll find the healthiest recipes & substitutions for your cooking. Enjoy, and be well, friends!

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