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What to Substitute for Burrata Cheese?

One of the most popular and costly cheeses in the globe is burrata Cheese.

Many people love it due to its rich taste and crusty texture. The inside part of the cheese has a soft, creamy texture, making it popular among many chefs.

However, you may be looking for a better replacement for burrata cheese. This article will share the six best types of cheese that can be used in cooking instead of burrata cheese.

Learn More About Burrata Cheese

Burrata cheese is an Italian milk cheese that is mainly made from cow milk (or buffalo milk). The cheese’s interior is made using salt, black pepper, and olive oil.

Burrata cheese is characterized by a soft yet crusty texture and a buttery taste. Many contend that the cheese has a spongy external layer and a pungent taste.

burrata cheese

The interior is creamy, making it popular among many people.

You can use burrata in different dishes. It is often served with side meals. Chefs usually sprinkle the cheese on pizza and use it in Caprese salads.

Since the cheese absorbs the taste of salad dressings, many cooks use it in salads to improve flavor. You can enjoy burrata cheese as part of other dishes or by itself. People just cannot get enough of this cheese.

What Can You Substitute for Burrata Cheese?

The following is a list of the best alternatives for burrata cheese:

1. Cream Cheese

cream cheese pic

Are you looking for a better replacement for burrata cheese? Try cream cheese, a fantastic cheese made from cream and milk that has a mild flavor.

This cheese is perfect for smearing because it has a creamy and soft texture. It is a popular ingredient in the U.S and is often served with bagels [1] due to its silky texture and rich flavor. It is ideal for cheesecakes, frostings, and dips.

You can also use cream cheese for toppings and desserts.

This pocket-friendly cheese can be used instead of burrata cheese. However, you should be aware that this substitute has a high content of fat. The cheese’s velvety and soft texture makes it an excellent alternative.

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2. Mozzarella Cheese

tomato mozzarella plate

Another product of cow’s milk and an excellent substitute for burrata is mozzarella. It is also made using pure buffalo milk. There are three types of mozzarella based on how they are prepared: part-skim, fresh, and low-moisture.

For the best results, use low-moisture mozzarella or that prepared using fresh milk. Mozzarella cheese can be used in Caprese salad [2] and sprinkled on different varieties of pizza. You can also add mozzarella to sliced tomatoes.

Mozzarella can be eaten on its own, fried, or baked. It has incredible flavor, is budget-friendly, and is easy to locate, making it an ideal alternative for burrata cheese. Since mozzarella is versatile, it can be used to prepare cold and hot foods.

3. Queso Fresco

queso fresco

If you are searching for a cheese with a delicate taste and springy texture, look no more because Queso Fresco has got you covered. It’s a great substitute for burrata because it does not get stringy and melts quickly.

Mexicans use Queso Fresco in all varieties of Mexican dishes. It is often used in dishes like Enchiladas, Beans, Burritos, and others. Since it is prepared from matured milk, the cheese has a tangy taste making it perfect for many Mexican meals.

You need to choose Queso Fresco wisely. To replace burrata with Queso Fresco, you need to look for cheese that is less than six months old to get the same tangy taste and creamy feel as burrata.

4. Feta Cheese

feta cheese

Even though Feta cheese has a slightly different feel and texture compared to burrata, it is an ideal alternative to burrata due to its tangy flavor.

Feta is utilized to prepare a variety of dishes, including galettes, salads, pies, soups, pasta, and roasted vegetables. You can also use it to prepare culinary connoisseurs. It can be sprinkled on different meals to boost their flavor.

Feta is ideal for people who dislike creaminess in their food. Therefore, they need to replace burrata with feta to avoid creaminess in their meals.

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5. Ricotta Cheese

ricotta cheese

Ricotta is another popular cheese made in Italy. It is rich in nutrients, including vitamins, calcium, zinc, iodine, selenium, and protein. Due to its high nutritional value, ricotta is an ideal replacement for burrata.

Due to its mild taste, the cheese is perfect for ravioli, desserts, and lasagna. It can also be used in a variety of other recipes. You can use it to improve the flavor of desserts such as cannoli and cheesecake.

You can use ricotta instead of burrata if you desire to build muscle strength and acquire other nutrients such as phosphorus and proteins.

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6. Cashew Cheese

cashew cheese

This meat-free cheese serves as an ideal burrata substitute. It is characterized by a tangy flavor and soft feel.

Cashew cheese is mainly used to dress salads. It is suitable for cold foods like sandwiches and also ideal for people who dislike milk.

Most people substitute burrata with cashew cheese because the latter has a nutty and sweet taste. You should know that the taste of cashew cheese becomes stronger as it ages.

FAQs About Burrata Cheese

Is burrata cheese like ricotta?

Unlike burrata, ricotta is more nutritional and provides its users with various nutrients, including proteins, calcium, phosphorus, and vitamins. Ricotta is utilized chiefly to prepare cuisines like lasagne and ravioli because it has a creamy feel and mild flavor.

Burrata is characterized by tanginess, a soft feel, and a buttery taste.

How is burrata different from mozzarella?

Unlike mozzarella, burrata has a buttery and smooth taste and creamy texture. Also, burrata is more expensive than mozzarella.

Where to buy burrata cheese?

You can purchase burrata from the grocery store or online shops such as Amazon.

Editor’s Comment

The creamy feel and smooth taste of burrata cheese can be replaced with other amazing types of cheese. There are several different types of cheese readily available in the market.

You can choose any cheese that suits your needs. This article provides a list of the best burrata cheese replacements.

I hope you love it. Cheers!

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