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7 Best Dark Soy Sauces/Brands for Tasty Meals

Although many condiments are available, soy sauce stands out due to its specific flavor and lengthy cultural background. There are many different forms and tastes of this black, generally salty sauce.

Soybeans are fermented or hydrolyzed (that is, the beans are broken down with acid) to make this Asian condiment.

Consequently, we have a salted umami sauce to make sushi or fresh pho. Many diverse foods benefit from the High-quality soy sauce brands. If you haven’t already become a lover of soy sauce, you will.

So, would you want to get the best dark soy sauce for your kitchen?

Keep reading to find out what we think are this year’s best Asian condiments. We’ve also included some recommendations on how to select the best dark soy sauce brands.

7 Best Dark Soy Sauce Reviews

1. Premium Lite Soy Sauce Low Sodium

If not used in moderation, soy sauce has been linked to breast cancer and hypertension. It’s because it contains a lot of salt.

People aware of the foregoing factors seek out a low-sodium soy sauce with zeal. Best of Thailand Premium Lite Low Sodium Soy Sauce can satisfy all your needs.

This mild, black Thai soy sauce is the ideal complement to your favorite Thai dishes. Because this is a low-sodium variant, you may immediately anticipate a lack of saltiness.

It also includes extra components, such as vinegar, which give it a sour taste. Since they are thicker than ordinary Thai sauces, these Best of Thailand sauces are ideal for marinades.


  • Squeezable and easy to use bottle
  • Very less sodium content


  • Some people may find the flavor to be too light.

2. Pearl River Bridge Superior Dark Soy Sauce

You shouldn’t need to search any farther than this Pearl River Bridge item for the Best dark sweet soy sauce.

This sauce is made without artificial colors and only includes a few preservatives. It’s the best in light variety for stir fry as well as other dishes.

It is created organically in the southern portion of China. Consequently, it has a rich, savory flavor with a saltiness that is robust and a sweet aftertaste.


  • Produced organically
  • No artificial colors


  • Some professionals may find it overly salty.

3. Chin-Su Premium Soy Sauce

The Chin-Su Premium Dark Soy Sauce offers the real Vietnamese soy sauce experience. It is produced entirely of natural soybeans and is a staple for every Asian-cuisine fan or cook.

Chin Su’s umami sauce is made entirely of naturally fermented soybeans, making it completely vegan. So feel inclined to use it in any dish and incorporate it into your meal with complete confidence.

The Chin Su black soy sauce adds a genuine Vietnamese taste to your delicious meals, from delectable stir-fries to dips, marinating steaks, and mixing special spices.


  • Full of nutrients
  • 100% vegan
  • Asian taste
  • Less sodium content


  • Fairly small bottle

4. Best of Thailand Low Sodium Soy Sauce

This dark soy sauce is the ideal alternative for kosher-friendly folks because it contains no MSG.

Pour some into your food, and the reduced sodium (about 70% less than conventional soy sauce on the marketplace) will work its magic.

This soy sauce is a winner condiment that arrives in a two-bottle bundle. It includes sodium benzoate, a preservative found in many soy sauces.

On the other hand, its flxibility shines through in a range of dishes, including beef, sushi, grilled salmon, Pad Thai, and Tom Yum.


  • Excellent for sushi courses and many other gluten-free dishes
  • Award-winning item
  • Compared to other soy sauces, this one has 70% less salt.
  • The bottle is easy to use


  • As a preservative, sodium benzoate is used.

5. Ganko Tamari Shoyu

Ganko Tamari is a dark soy sauce produced entirely of soybeans. The overall nitrogen value of soy sauce is used to determine its umami.

Tamari soy sauce is wholly manufactured of soybeans and has more nitrogen than regular soy sauce. This indicates that it is high in umami. In addition, whereas most soy sauce is fermented for approximately a year, this unique tamari is brewed (or fermented) for three years in a cedar barrel that is thought to be the taste peak. This results in the product having the optimum scent and flavor.


  • Authentic sauce
  • Excellent thick taste
  • Gluten free
  • There are no added ingredients, GMO crops, artificial flavors, or preservatives.


  • Pricey for some individuals

6. Pearl River Bridge Mushroom Flavored Superior Dark Soy Sauce

This dark soy sauce has a natural, savory flavor and is perfect for adding flavor to meals without adding color. It ferments outside in the open area.

It’s also one of the most popular dark soy sauce brands in China.

Like others created by the company, this Pearl River Bridge mushroom variation grows in the south of China organically.

However, the inclusion of mushroom essence in the combination sets it distinct from the others. It has a rich reddish-brown hue, a rich and salted flavor, and an umami aftertaste overall.


  • Soft color
  • Some individuals may find it overly salty, but it has a pleasant aftertaste.
  • Improved taste
  • No added ingredients


  • Spilling cap

7. Lee Kum Kee Premium Dark Soy Sauce

Darker soy sauces are typically used to enhance the taste and color of a meal, whereas lighter soy sauces are spilled into dipping foods.

The black kind of Lee Kum Kee not only elevates stir-fries but also imparts a velvety texture to every taste. Throw in some bok choy, baby corn, and oyster mushrooms for a complete meal.

It’s also one of the best Chinese dark soy sauces on Amazon. The soy sauce variety was also recognized by authorities as the finest soy sauce choice for stir-fries in their taste testing, with pleasant citrus and acidic overtones that rounded out the salt and umami qualities.

However, according to one Reddit remark, Lee Kum Kee lacks taste and tenderness. Still, its low price and adaptability make it a decent soy sauce for marinated meat, stir-frying foods, and basic seasoning.

This non-GMO, preservative-free black soy sauce is manufactured in China. Choose this Best dark soy sauce for fried rice if you’re seeking a soy sauce with a moderate flavor and aren’t gluten-free.


  • Ideal for stir-frying
  • It tastes rich, profound, and subtle
  • Soy sauce with little salt than regular soy sauce


  • Preservatives and taste enhancers have been added.
  • The little thickness might be an issue.

Things to Consider Before Buying

When purchasing high-quality soy sauce brands, it’s essential to consider the following things:


Dark soy sauce is made in many unique ways in different regions of the world. These varieties frequently feature distinguishing qualities and flavor characteristics that set them apart from the competition.

  • The most frequent style is Chinese, which is generally lighter in color.
  • However, traditional Japanese shoyu is darker and used for sushi and other Japanese meals. There are different variations of this, including usukuchi and koikuchi.
  • Korean soy sauce is less salty than Thai soy sauce, a thicker mouthfeel.
  • Liquid aminos can be used as a soy-free alternative.


Check if the soy sauce you’re considering buying has this taste enhancer.

Although some individuals believe it is harmless, others think it might cause health problems such as headaches, fatigue, and irregular heartbeat.

Due to the apparent possible health hazards and difficulties linked with MSG, several companies do not include it in their recipes.

To prevent any health problems, purchase one without MSG if feasible.


This may only be relevant to persons who are gluten intolerant. Wheat is not present in any of the soy sauces.

So, before purchasing any soy sauce, do some research and verify the labeling.

Sodium Content

For starters, soy sauce contains a significant quantity of salt. After all, salt is a fundamental component of the condiment.

Therefore, low-sodium or sodium-free soy sauce are good option to reduce your salt intake.

Additives and artificial flavors free

Most dark soy sauce companies use artificial flavors or ingredients. However, the substances utilized might be harmful to your health.

To prevent this, choose soy sauces that do not include chemicals or artificial flavors.


Glass bottles of soy sauce can crack if not managed correctly. Plastic containers have a lower danger.

They’re great for compressing and transporting in huge quantities. Packaging may not appear crucial for flavor and texture, but it is critical for adequate handling and storage.

Your Needs

Not all soy sauces are created equal. Some are fantastic for marinating and pouring, while others go well in stir-fries and Pad Thai.

So, first, determine your requirement, and then choose which variety of soy sauce would best meet it.

Bonus: if you don’t have the time to choose dark soy sauce, you can use one of its substitutes to make your meal.


Dark soy sauce has a long and illustrious history in addition to its flavor.

This article answers the question of what is the most awesome soy sauce on the planet. Luckily, understanding which soy sauce is excellent for whatever meal is simple.

Dark soy sauce offers a unique taste to your meal, whether you use it as a dip, marinade, baste, or pour it straight into your dish. Today is the day to indulge in your special soy sauce.

I’m Jennifer Schlette, a Registered Dietitian and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. I love cooking, reading, and my kids! Here you’ll find the healthiest recipes & substitutions for your cooking. Enjoy, and be well, friends!

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