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What to Eat with Cornbread for Breakfast/Launch/Dinner?

What goes good with cornbread? We’ve listed the top 25 slide dishes for you!

The best comfort food will always be greens, cornbread, and fried chicken.

When it comes to comfort food, this is a food that reminds us of home, for some people the unique way a meal was prepared for them while growing up holds memories creating feelings of nostalgia.

One such comfort food is Cornbread, it’s a great side meal that’s easy to prepare and makes you feel good when prepared right. So can it be eaten on its own? What can this amazing food be eaten with?

Before we answer these questions and discuss more. Let’s find out what cornbread is.

What is Cornbread?

Cornbread is a type of meal derived from grain, maize specifically. It’s a quick bread made from maize meal, eggs and oil and ground into fine crumbs.

Cornbread doesn’t contain gluten, hence it can’t be raised by yeast. It doesn’t have a compact texture so it tends to be crumbly. Cornbread is usually cut out in squares, yellow, soft, sweet and heavenly, to say the least.

Different regions prepare cornbread differently, it could consist of simply cornmeal, water and salt or more ingredients like wheat flour, buttermilk, chopped onions and fat.

Different ingredients and styles for different folks, hence the reason it has that nostalgic feeling.

So we have established what cornbread is, now we would see top tasty side dishes that are great compliments with cornbread.

Top 25 Tasty Side Dishes to Eat with Cornbread

So, you want to pair up this yellow goodness with some other meal or dish, what are your options? Take a look at what to serve with cornbread:

1. Butter


Ever heard the expression “stick together like bread and butter”? Well, butter is a good companion for cornbread.

All you have to do is spread it on your cornbread, microwave for a few minutes, then settle down and enjoy a great combination of tasty and smooth. A cup of chocolate drink or tea takes this mix to a different level.

2. Cheese


“You can’t make everyone happy, you aren’t cheese.” Undoubtedly, cheese makes everything better. It can make your cornbread mix happy.

Add your choice of cheese to your cornbread recipe and bake. If you are feeling more adventurous, jazz it up with pepper jack or melted cheddar.

3. Honey


The flavor gotten from a mix of sweet and salty is mind-blowing. Honey is a great addition to your cornbread.

It can make sweet, sweeter. On the plus side, it’s quite appealing to the eyes when you drizzle a bit of honey on this yellow piece of heaven.

4. Jalapenos

jalapeno pepper

If you like spicy and hot, then you must give this a try. Adding jalapenos to your sweet cornbread takes it to a whole new level of zest.

Pair this up with barbecue or soups and then wonder why cornbread isn’t the only food in the world!

5. Hotdogs

hot dog

If you have kids and you are trying to pep up their breakfast options, then give this a try.

You can prepare corndog muffins with your favorite sauce or just serve cornbread and hotdogs separately to your kids, and watch them munch away delightfully.

6. Apples and Onions

apples and onions

Apples can never go wrong. Remember the sweet and salty blend we mentioned earlier, well this is a second way to create that mix.

Use this as toppings for your cornbread and bake together, the flavor of the apples and onions would seep into the cornbread as it bakes and when it’s done, you might have created a world record cornbread mix!

7. Greens

Cornbread is not biased, it has a great love for vegetarians so it pairs perfectly with greens.

Prepare your favorite greens with salt, pepper, garlic powder and any other ingredient of your choice, then enjoy a pleasant balanced meal.

8. Veggies


You can pair up cornbread with roasted or buttered veggies. Like with greens, prepare your buttered veggies with your preferred ingredients, bake and eat with cornbread.

This is the true definition of “when yummy meets creamy”!

9. Pork


Meat lovers would try this one. If you love bacon or ham, then enjoy thin slices of your meat on cornbread or serve it separately on the side, it gives a savory flavor of meat paired with bread.

10. Beef Steak

beef steak

This one is specially designed for meat lovers. Beef is a great meat choice and it can be cooked to fit any meal.

You can enjoy your beef steak sandwiched with cornbread for a direct meaty feel, or you can add cubes of cornbread to your beef stew. Whichever you prefer, you can’t go wrong!

11. Barbecue


Smoky and sweet, that’s the flavor from this one. Pair chicken barbecue, beef or pork ribs with cornbread, the taste you get is better experienced than explained.

You can also sandwich these with cornbread.

12. Fried Chicken

chicken frying

Since cornbread is mostly carbs, a protein complement is a great idea. What better compliment than tasty fried chicken, not only is this added nutrients it’s also a very satisfying meal.

13. Roast Chicken

roast chicken

When it comes to roasted chicken, the taste is in the seasoning and preparation. This makes it stand out differently from fried chicken.

Roast chicken goes well with cornbread, sauce, potatoes or salad. Serve your plate of delectable roast chicken and don’t forget to add your cornbread to the side.

14. Roast Duck

roast duck

Combining cornbread with this Asian entrée is not just blending food culture but also taste

The sweetness of cornbread creates a flavor balance with the salty flavor of the roast duck, you can eat this with citrus sauce. Don’t wait to be told, give this a try!

15. Stews


As we’ve seen with the jalapenos, cornbread is great with spicy and hot. So it doesn’t matter the bowl of stew with beef or chicken, dip your cornbread in and discover what bliss is!

16. Chilli

red chili pepper

For chilli, whether soup or stew, a perfect complement would be a sweet and neutral undertone to balance out the hot and harsh spice.

Usually, people use regular bread for this function, you could use cornbread as a substitute, a much sweeter substitute.

There are so many types of chilies, you can find the substitute here.

17. Sour Soups

Although these soups aren’t so popular, they’re usually made with lemon juice or vinegar, hence the sour taste. 

Sour soup goes well with cornbread, use it on the side creates a sweet and sour flavor, it blends out just fine.

18. Garlic sauce

garlic sauce

For lovers of strong flavor, this is your best option. You can prepare garlic sauce, add tomatoes and enjoy this with your cornbread.

If you want only the taste of garlic, then eat your cornbread alone with garlic sauce, just how you like it!

19. Pies


Pies are the greatest inventions the kitchen has blessed us with.

Warm chicken pot pie served with yummy, creamy cornbread on the side is the perfect match. Make this union even stronger with a cold glass of your favorite juice or ice tea.

20. Milk


Milk plus cornbread is a definition of a creamy and sweet breakfast. Not only is this yummy, but it’s a way to add variety to breakfast options.

You can also crush cornbread into a bowl of warm or cold milk, add a drizzle of honey for an extra taste and savor the taste with each scoop of goodness.

21. Ice-cream


Are you looking for the perfect simple dessert? Then you can thank Mexicans for their traditional dessert combination of cornbread and corn flavored ice cream.

But not to worry, if you can’t find this one, a large scoop of vanilla ice cream can suffice.

The texture of cornbread makes it a perfect match for ice cream, if you are a cake and ice cream lover, then this is one combination you don’t want to skip.

22. Jams

This list will be incomplete without the jelly and cornbread combination. Like honey, jams are perfect spreads for cornbread and it’s an easy fix.

Just spread your favorite flavor on cornbread and enjoy your comfort meal, you can add butter for a creamier taste.

Just remember to tone down on the sugar, choose less sugary jams, it’ll balance the sweetness of both cornbread and jam.

23. Beans

watermelonbaked beans

Beans and bread is a great mix for breakfast, it’s a delicacy in many cultures. Cornbread works perfectly with beans, its texture complements that of beans.

So whether it’s eaten as a spread, in soup or stew, you can bet it’s a combination you don’t want to miss.

24. Cottage Cheese and eggs

cottage cheese and eggs

In this combination, cornbread is one of the main ingredients, not a side piece.

For breakfast, you could mix smashed cornbread with cottage cheese and fried egg, add your preferred ingredients and settle down to a delicious and satisfying breakfast.

25. Salads

Salads pair well with cornbread. The texture and taste of cornbread allow it to match perfectly with any salad dressing, whether sour, spicy or sweet.

FAQs About Cornbread

Is cornbread good for you?

Cornbread is made from cornmeal as well as frozen or fresh corn. Unfortunately, both of these ingredients can cause blood sugar spikes due to they are relatively high in carbs.

What soup goes with cornbread?

You won’t be disappointed after trying sour soups with cornbread. Although it’s not so popular, it tastes really good!


We have seen  25 top foods you can pair your cornbread with. The list is endless though, as there are other options like cream soup, other forms of spread and even pork spread.

When combining cornbread with your favorite meals, always go for combinations that balance out, sweet, savory, spicy, creamy, when you balance out these flavors you would savor the taste of each bite of this yellow versatile piece of heaven.

Try out these cornbread tasty dishes, if you are feeling adventurous try out wilder combinations and recipes. You’ll forever be grateful to the founders of cornbread!

I’m Jennifer Schlette, a Registered Dietitian and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. I love cooking, reading, and my kids! Here you’ll find the healthiest recipes & substitutions for your cooking. Enjoy, and be well, friends!

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