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7 Best-Rated Warming Drawers (24″/27″/30″) Review

A warming drawer is one of the most overlooked yet essential kitchen appliances.

It is designed to warm your food without overcooking or drying it out. This makes hosting relatively seamless as you can cook early and spend time with your guests instead of being in the kitchen the entire time checking on the food.

However, there are many warming drawers in the market, which can be confusing. Which one is the best one for you? How does one choose the best kitchen warming drawer?

The below guide delves deeper into this. Here are the seven best warming drawers for your kitchen. Read on;

7 Best Warming Drawers Review

Below are some of the best warming drawers on the market;

1. KitchenAid 30″ KOWT100ESS

This is the best 30 inch warming drawer on this list as it is multi-purpose and will serve as an oven, slow cooker, and bread maker.

Therefore, you can warm several dishes simultaneously with excellent results.


  • Bread Proof Function

This feature provides low heat that helps activate the yeast while it proves. While proofing, it is best to set the Humidity Slide Control to Moist.

  • Slow Cook Function

You can cook food slowly at low temperatures, build flavor in stews and braise your meats and vegetables.

  • Sensor Temperature Control

It maintains a low temperature while slow cooking, proofing, and warming. It has a thermostat that monitors the heat in the drawer and adjusts accordingly.

  • Custom Control Technology

This technology allows you to use your drawer for multiple tasks, such as Bread Proof, Food Warming, and Slow Cook.

  • Humidity Slide Control

The slide control feature will adjust the moisture levels in the drawer to retain the texture and flavor of your food.

The Moist Setting seals in moisture and is perfect for roasts, egg dishes, and vegetables, while the Dry Setting allows the steam to escape and is excellent for fried and baked foods.

  • Power Indicator Light

It is in front of the warming drawer and shows what’s inside the appliance.


  • You can warm multiple dishes simultaneously.
  • It is spacious.
  • The drawer is very easy to use.
  • It has adjustable humidity.
  • It has excellent temperature control.


  • It only comes in stainless steel.

2. Cafe ADA 30″ CTW900P3PD1

This 30″ Cafe ADA warming drawer is the perfect appliance to keep your food heated. It has variable humidity control, degree control, and a frameless drawer that you will love.


  • Variable Humidity Control

The humidity control feature enables you to attain crispy to tender textures for your food, based on your preference.

  • Variable Degree Control

It has a variable degree control between 80 and 210 degrees for warming or heating food.

  • Half Rack

Its elevated half rack helps maximize the drawer space.

  • “On” Indicator Light

The indicator light helps illuminate the drawer when it’s working.

  • Frameless Front

Its frameless front gives it a clean and smooth look, exuding style.


  • It is ADA compliant.
  • It has a clean look.
  • It is spacious.
  • It has several premium finishes to choose from.


  • It is a bit noisy.

3. Bull Outdoor Warming Drawer

This Bull warming drawer is made of 16 Gauge 304 Grade Stainless steel and has a deep storage area and moisture control, making it a fantastic option for your home.

It allows you to barbecue your food and keep it warm; hence ideal for any outdoor kitchen projects.


  • Moisture Vent Control

It ensures that your food texture is kept to your preference.

  • Variable Temperature Control

It has a temperature range of 85 to 815 degrees.

  • 304 Grade 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Finish

This feature makes it quite durable; hence it will serve you for years.


  • It is easy to install.
  • It has moisture control.
  • It has a deep storage area.
  • It is crafted from durable stainless steel.


  • It does not have an Auto Shutoff feature.

4. Thermador WD30W

The Thermador custom panel warming drawer is a great addition to the home due to its sleek design, high-end features, and incredible performance.


  • 3 Warming Modes

It has three temperature settings to adjust accordingly.

  • SoftClose Drawer Door.

The warming drawer has this feature to ensure a smooth closing. It also has a telescoping ball-bearing design that supports up to a 40 pounds load.

  • 2.2 Cu.Ft Capacity

It is quite spacious and can hold up to 28 plates.

  • Proof Mode

Its proof mode lets you cut down the proofing time for baked goods.

  • Automatic Shutoff Feature

This ensures that it automatically shuts down after one hour of non-usage.


  • It can be installed flush or full overlay.
  • It is spacious.
  • It is easy to clean due to its illuminated touch controls.
  • It is ADA compliant.


  • It does not have a digital temperature display.

5. KitchenAid KEWS105BPA

This KitchenAid warming driver incorporates an oven, breadmaker, and slow cooker in one appliance, making it multi-functional.


  • Slow Cook Function

With this function, there is no need for a separate appliance, hence saving counter space.

  • Bread Proof Function

It provides low heat to promote the dough’s rise, infusing flavor.

  • Two-Position Racks

These can either be placed side-to-side or front-to-back to accommodate cookware.

  • Humidity Slide Control

You can adjust the moisture levels to retain the flavor and texture of various foods.

  • Panel-Ready Design

This design creates a seamless look with the kitchen cabinetry.

  • Custom-Control Technology

No need to guess the right temperature for your various foods as its custom control technology has three zones for warming, proofing, and slow cooking.


  • It can warm several dishes at the same time.
  • Its two-position racks optimize space.
  • It has a flush installation, blending effortlessly with the surroundings.
  • It has a humidity slide control to keep food moist or crispy, based on preference.


  • It does not have a child-lock feature.

6. Viking VWD527SS

This Viking warming drawer is a versatile kitchen appliance. It has multiple temperature settings to keep your soups hot, plates warm, and proof bread, making it the best 27 inch warming drawer on this list.


  • Meat Probe

This feature enables easy monitoring of meat.

  • Temperature Setting

It has a vast temperature range, from 90 to 250 degrees.

  • Automatic Shutoff

Its automatic shutoff goes off after four hours, ensuring the unit is not left on for long periods.

  • Touch Digital Control

Here you can adjust the timer and temperature settings easily.

  • Optional Pan/Lid Set

You can get an optional pan/lid set with your purchase, which will come in handy when cooking.


  • It is spacious.
  • It is quiet.
  • It has moisture control.


  • It does not have a viewing window.

7. Monogram ZW9000SJSS

This 27-inch GE Monogram warming drawer gives you complete freedom for your dream kitchen.

It has three distinct styles and several customization options that you can take advantage of.


  • “On” Indicator Light

It helps illuminate the inside of the drawer when using it.

  • 1.9 Cubic-Foot Capacity

It is pretty spacious.

  • Removable Half Rack

This adds flexibility to it as you can remove it for more room or organize the drawer better.

  • Variable Humidity Control

The feature helps control the texture of food from crisp to moist.

  • Infinite Setting Temperature Control

You can change the temperatures from 75°F to 230°F.


  • It is ADA compliant.
  • It has a UL certification
  • It is spacious.
  • It is easy to clean.


  • It is noisy when heating up and cooling down.

What to Consider Before Buying a Warming Drawer

There are many brands, types, and sizes of warming drawers. Below are some of the things to consider before buying one;


One of the most important factors to consider is the brand of the warming drawer.

Well-known brands have a high reputation and produce more durable and efficient appliances than lesser known ones. Do your research and read their reviews before choosing one brand.


The external and internal sizes of the warming drawer are crucial. The external size is the size the drawer will take up in your kitchen. This varies, as it may come in 24, 27, or 30 inches.

The internal size is the space to put the foods inside the appliance. This also varies with the external size and may not align.

For example, some 30-inch drawers come with 2.2 cubic feet while others have 1.5 cubic feet. Therefore, check the internal size or capacity according to your needs.

Temperature Range

Warming drawers offer a temperature range of 80-250 degrees Fahrenheit.

Some have low-temperature options to aid in proofing doughs, while others have higher temperature options to keep the food hot.

Check to ensure that you have a vast range to choose from.


Warming drawers are not cheap, as the most affordable options start from around $1000. With about $1000-$1800, you will get an efficient warming drawer from most brands.

Above $1800 are warming drawers with special features and designs.

Additional Features

If you have a large family or love to host, a model with stainless steel food service pans will come in handy. The pans will hold large quantities of food and make your life easier.

Some warming drawers also have an automatic shutoff, a great safety feature. If you forget to turn the drawer off, it will do it by itself.

Other drawers have extra half racks or full racks to add more space. This feature will help maximize space, especially if you have a large family.

FAQs About Warming Drawer

Are Warming Drawers Worth It?

Warming drawers help keep your food at the desired temperature, especially when hosting or preparing multiple meals. They can also defrost food, slow cook meat, and proof bread.

Therefore, they are worth the investment!

Is A Baking Drawer The Same As A Warming Drawer?

Yes, a warming drawer is also called a drawing drawer. They work the same way but may have different names depending on the manufacturer.

Does A Warming Drawer Need Ventilation?

Most warming drawers have an adjustable ventilation system to regulate the unit’s air while warming food. The more opened the vents are, the more air enters the drawer, decreasing the moisture levels.

Therefore, ventilation needs to be controlled to get the desired results.

Are Warming Drawers Safe?

Warming drawers are safe to use if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

For example, you should not leave children alone while in use, especially if it does not have a child lock feature, as it could be a fire hazard.

Also, avoid keeping flammable materials in the drawer, such as plastic items, as they may melt and ignite.

Can A Warming Drawer Replace A Microwave?

No, a warming drawer is only used to keep your food warm, while a microwave has other functions other than warming food.

These include cooking, poaching eggs, steaming vegetables, toasting nuts, disinfecting items, and soaking lentils.

Why Trust Us

There you have it! The above guide helps you know the best warming drawer on the market that will serve you for years.

We have conducted extensive research on this and the recommendations mentioned are high quality and have proven efficient. Whatever your needs are, there is an option for you!

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