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Best-Rated Electric Cooktops With Downdraft (30/36 Inch)

A downdraft cooktop has an in-built ventilation system that sucks in vapors, fumes, grease, or smoke from the cooktop surface to keep your kitchen clean and fresh, improving your cooking experience.

Due to the increasing demand for these electric cooktops, many brands are producing different cooktops, giving you a wide range of options.

We have handpicked some of the best electric cooktops with downdraft to make your search easier. In this article, we will look at those cooktops, their benefits, their drawbacks, and a checklist of things to consider before purchasing one.

Best Electric Cooktop with Downdraft In-depth Review

1. GE Profile 30-Inch Downdraft Electric Cooktop

This GE Profile item is the best 30 inch electric cooktop with downdraft.

It is equipped with a 9″/6″ Power Boil element that can accommodate different pan sizes while providing rapid, powerful heat output of up to 3000 watts. It has a feature called the Bridge Element that combines cooking elements to form one heat area.

The appliance also utilizes a Ribbon heating element, which boosts even and fast heating. To enhance safety, it has a control lock feature that prevents accidental activation, minimizing the risk of getting injured. It also has hot surface indicator lights to show you when the heating elements are hot or not.

The device has a cooktop “on” indicator to show you when an element is on. It contains a powerful integrated downdraft exhaust system that draws out steam and smoke from the kitchen.

The appliance has an overall modern look with a ceramic-glass cooktop with knob controls made of a black glass surface. The ceramic-glass finish makes it easy to clean.


  • Easy-to-clean surface
  • Surface indicator lights to show when an element is hot
  • Cooktop indicator to show when an element is on
  • Control lock feature to prevent accidental activation
  • Easy to install and use


  • The ceramic-glass finish easily smudges and gets dirty
  • The knobs are not sturdy, which can lead them to break off

2. Jenn-Air Euro-Style 36-Inch JX3™ Electric Downdraft Cooktop

This appliance is the best 36 inch electric cooktop with downdraft, it’s equipped with five burners and a JX3™ downdraft ventilation system, with a 3-speed setting and a 297 CFM rated vertically mounted blower system.

The ventilation system uses the concept of proximity ventilation to suck in and drain out any odors, steam, and fumes from the cooking surface.

The cooking surface has five elements with a 12″/9″/6″ Triple-Choice™ Element that accommodates cookware of various sizes. This element can reach a high power output of 3000 watts and a low output of 1050 watts even on its highest setting to give you a versatile experience with the heating efficiency and power levels.

The appliance has a DuraFinish® Glass Protection with a scratch-resistance feature to protect the surface and keep it looking new. Also, it has sturdy die-cast metallic knobs with precise control that coordinates with the cooktop you choose. Furthermore, the ventilation system operates quietly while sucking in the vapors through the thin slot on the surface.

Similar to the KitchenAid Electric Downdraft Cooktop, this appliance has a duct-free conversion kit that allows it to convert to duct-free ventilation that keeps your kitchen area free from the ductwork.


  • Easy to clean & install
  • Scratch-resistant surface
  • It can accommodate cookware of various sizes
  • It quietly removes vapors from the kitchen
  • It has high power output.


  • It does not have an indicator to show which burner is on.
  • The knobs are smooth, making it hard to grip them 

3. Jenn-Air Black Floating Glass 30-Inch JX3™ Electric Downdraft Cooktop

Similar to the Jenn-Air Euro-Style electric cooktop, this appliance has the JX3™ downdraft ventilation system with a 3-speed control for whisking out odors, smoke, and fumes from the kitchen. The ventilation system has a 297 CFM blower system.

This cooktop has a perimetric extraction system that operates quietly as it suks in the vapors from the cooktop surface.

It has a 10″/6″ Dual-Choice™ Element to handle cookware of different sizes while providing a heat output of up to 3000 watts. The DuraFinish® Glass Protection protects the surfaces from scratches.


  • Easy to install & clean
  • Scratch-free surface
  • It has a dual element for accommodating the different cookware sizes in one position
  • It has perimetric extraction for quiet operation


  • It does not have an indicator to show which burner is on

4. Cookology 70cm Induction Hob with Built-in Downdraft Extractor Fan

This Cookology electric cooktop extracts fumes and smoke from the kitchen using a combination of the induction hob and the downdraft hood with a 3-speed setting and an extraction rate of up to 504m³/hour.

The induction hod has four burners; two powerful ones at 2500 watts and two smaller ones at 1500 watts. They are quite responsive when turning the temperature higher or lower as they utilize a magnetic field that creates instant power to heat the induction pans.

The appliance also contains a pan detection, child-lock, a 99-minute timer, and inlet grills. The pan detection is quite effective in detecting the pan, so that other appliances won’t be heated.

The child-lock feature prevents little ones from playing around with the controls. On the other hand, a 99-minute timer helps you time your meals to prevent overcooking.

Despite having good features, it is not easy to install and requires an electrician to fix the ducting hoses that come with it.


  • Child-lock feature
  • Pan detection feature
  • Quick responses to temperature changes
  • High extraction rate
  • It has a 99-minute timer


  • It is not easy to install. It requires the presence of an electrician

5. Kenmore Elite 44113 30″ Downdraft Electric Cooktop – Stainless Steel

The Kenmore Elite 30-inch cooktop comes with an integrated downdraft ventilation system that has a 3-speed fan customizable ventilation.

The appliance has a 9″ Turbo Boil burner feature that boils liquids faster, making it easier for you to prepare a cup of tea in a short period of time.

Furthermore, it has an Electric Turbo Boil™ feature that heats cookware, both pots and kettles, rapidly to save on your precious time.

This electric cooktop has four burners and a bridge element feature that allows you to use different burners while cooking with large cookware.

The bridge element has a power output of up to 4400 watts and a 7″ element feature to accommodate cookware of smaller size.

The surface of the cooktop is manufactured from a sleek ceramic glass material, complementing the interior decor of your kitchen.


  • Bridge element feature
  • Powerful fan motor
  • It heats cookware faster
  • It supports the fast boiling of liquids
  • It accommodates both large and small cookware


  • It has only four elements
  • It has no push control buttons

6. Kitchenaid 36-Inch Electric Downdraft Cooktop

This Kitchenaid 36-inch cooktop comes with five burners and a 3-speed fan integrated ventilation system, which has an exhaust rating of 300 CFM.

The appliance contains the 10-inch Even-Heat™ Ultra feature that ensures a constant power supply while providing versatility for both high and low-temperature cooking techniques.

The device also has a 6-inch Even-Heat™ element with a melt setting that can reach the low temperatures required for melting butter and chocolate without burning.

It also has a 12”/9” Double-Ring Element that allows you to use different size cookware on one element. You can have 12-inch cookware on the entire surface and a smaller one on the inner 9-inch element.


  • Five burners
  • Quiet downdraft system
  • Has a melt setting that reaches low temperatures
  • Provides an even and constant heat supply
  • It can accommodate more large cookware


  • For a large-size electric cooktop, the downdraft system is not as powerful

7. KitchenAid 30-Inch Electric Downdraft Cooktop

The KitchenAid 30-Inch cooktop comes with an integrated ventilation system that is not separated from the vent hood.

The integrated ventilation system features 3-speed fan control with a  300 CFM exhaust rating to match your cooking needs by removing odors, grease, and fumes from the air as you cook.

The appliance is equipped with a 10” Even-Heat™ Ultra Element with Simmer Setting and a 6” Even-Heat™ Element with Melt Setting to provide more versatility when cooking at high and low temperatures. The 10″ Even-Heat™ Ultra Element provides a constant power supply and has different simmer settings. The power output can reach 1200 watts thanks to the 6″ round element feature.

The 6” Even-Heat™ Element has a setting to allow the appliance to reach the low temperatures required to melt butter and chocolate without burning. The 9”/6” Ultra Power™ Double-Ring Round Element accommodates large pots and small six-inch pans while supporting tasks like searing, wok cooking, and rapid boiling.

For safety purposes, the device has a Power-on indicator light to show you when an element is on a hot-surface indicator to alert you that the cooking surface is hot. Despite the exemption of a duct-free conversion kit during purchase, the appliance allows a downdraft cooktop to be installed anywhere in the kitchen without putting up ductwork.

Furthermore, the cooktop has an easy-to-clean ceramic surface with sturdy stainless steel control knobs for a premium feel.


  • Easy to install
  • Easy-to-clean surface
  • The 6” Even-Heat™ Element feature allows it to reach the low temperatures required for melting butter and chocolate
  • Safety features to indicate when a surface is still on
  • It can accommodate large pots and small six-inch pots
  • It evenly distributes heat


  • The glossy black finish is easy to stain and shows every spot, fingerprint, and scratch.
  • It can get too hot at times.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing an Electric Cooktop

Number of Burners

When purchasing an electric cooktop, it is crucial to consider the number of burners you require.

If you prefer more versatility, you can opt for the one with five burners. If you only have simple cooking needs, an electric cooktop with four burners might be suitable.

Quality of the build

You need to examine the durability of different parts to get an item that will serve you for a long time. And consider the type of surface material that the cooktop features.


You should choose an electric cooktop design that blends into your kitchen environment based on how your kitchen looks.

Furthermore, depending on your preferences, you can go with a simple design or one with interesting details.


Based on the size of your kitchen, you need to choose an electric cooktop that fits in your kitchen. Large electric cooktops such as the 36-inch one are best suited for large kitchens.

Luckily, many brands are offering different size options that can complement and fit in your kitchen.

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Different electric cooktops with downdrafts come in different sizes and different brands. This article gives a guide on some of the best electric cooktops in the market to help you narrow your search. These electric cooktop models have their benefits and disadvantages when compared to each other.

Before purchasing an electric cooktop with a downdraft, it is critical to consider a few factors. These factors include; the aesthetics, number of burners, dimensions, and quality of the build.

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