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11 Benedictine Liqueur Substitutes for Cocktail/Cooking

It is a daunting task to find the right substitute when the main ingredient is missing. You may compromise with the taste of a cuisine. However, a wrong ingredient can alter the taste of a beverage.

Therefore, it should be your top priority to choose the liqueur that enhances the taste of the beverage.

If you love Benedictine cocktails and missing this liqueur, there are the top Benedictine substitutes you can try. This post will reveal which substitute will work the best!

What Is Benedictine Liqueur?

Benedictine (Bénédictine) was produced by Alexandre Le Grand, a wine merchant, in the 19th century. It contains 27 herbs and spices, however, the recipe is a closely guarded secret. People still don’t know all the ingredients used to produce this liqueur!

Producers distil and blend a variety of macerations and the cognac-based liqueur is produced. It is aged and then finished with honey before packaging.

Users can consume Benedictine neat or blend it with other ingredients to enjoy a delicious cocktail. Vieux Carre, Bobby Burns, and Chrysanthemum are some popular cocktails made with Benedictine. 

What Does Benedictine Taste Like?

Most users describe Benedictine as a sweet liqueur. It got rich, floral and herbaceous and many people like it because of its appealing aroma. 27 herbs and spices make it taste unique and quite delicious.

Newbies may compare Benedict with honey, but it also got a hint of licorice. All those spices make it unique and its thicker texture appeals to many cocktail fans.

What Is a Good Benedictine Substitute?

It is a big challenge to substitute a liqueur. It is much tougher to substitute Benedictine due to its amazingly unique flavor. However, the following 11 substitutes will do the job if you cannot get your hands on the Benedictine.



Drambuie is probably the best replacement for Benedictine. It’s what most cocktail lovers choose due to its ingredients.

This liqueur is also prepared from spices, herbs, Scotch whiskey, and honey. It got a sweet and spicy flavor and it certainly improves the flavor of Benedictine cocktails.

You will observe appealing sweetness in your cocktail and people also use it for cooking. Many users have switched to Drambuie due to its bolder flavor. You may also do that when the main ingredient is not available!

Bartenders do a lot of experiments with this delicious liquor. It can be a part of a delicious dessert if you want to try some!

Chartreuse Liqueur

chartreuse liqueur

It is a herbal liqueur produced in France and considered another perfect substitute for Benedictine. You can use it in all the recipes that require Benedictine for that delicious flavor.

This liqueur is famous for its cocktails. Besides, many users try it to produce delicious chocolates and desserts. Offering a combination of natural herbs, it’s good for your health and also to enjoy the amazing sweetness of the beverage.

This liqueur got 55% of alcohol and the rest are floral and herbal juices. You should try it if Benedictine is not available. Your cocktail will taste as amazing as it tastes with Benedictine.

Yellow Chartreuse

yellow chartreuse

Being made of herbs, Chartreuse is another French liqueur that tastes like Benedictine. It provides a familiar sweetish flavor with 40% alcohol.

You will find it slightly sweeter than Benedictine, but it can perfectly replace that liqueur in cocktails and other recipes.

You can create some unique cocktails with Chartreuse. It got traces of honey, citric, saffron, violet, anise, and licorice. So, whenever you don’t have Benedictine in the bar, use Chartreuse. It will enhance the taste of the desserts you are cooking!



Glayva has existed for many decades and it became a popular alternative for Benedictine. It offers a blend of delicious spices and Scotch. This liqueur is produced in Edinburgh and sold across the globe.

You get the flavor of honey, almonds, tangerines, and cinnamon when you use this liqueur. Its deep golden tone makes it a bit different Benedictine liqueur substitute.

Experts have used this substitute for many years to offer unique cocktails. You can also try it if Benedictine is not available.

Regular Brandy


A regular brandy can also replace Benedictine and people have been using it for many years! Being produced from distilled wines, Brandy offers around 60% of alcohol. It tastes awesome and is used in many cocktails.

Although different brands produce differently, it’s still a reliable & cheap substitute for Benedictine in many cocktails. Many types of syrup are also produced using brandies.

So, pick a type of brandy for your cocktail if you can’t get Benedictine!



It is an Italian liqueur that seems pretty identical to Benedictine. Its herbal ingredients are similar to Benedictine. Therefore, Amaro is often used as a replacement for that liqueur.

Many Italian cocktails contain Amaro as a key ingredient. This substitute may slightly alter the taste of your favorite liqueur, but it will still taste great. This makes it a good substitute for Benedictine.



Jagermeister is a renowned drink that people often enjoy neat and also with cocktails. Since it tastes similar to Benedictine, it’s a popular replacement for that liqueur.

It offers a mix of spice, citrus, spice, saffron, licorice, and sweet rice flavor. That identical sweet flavor makes it a renowned substitute for Benedictine in cocktails.

You can use it in grilled food recipes to enhance the taste of meats.

Fernet Branca

fernet branca

Fernet Branca is renowned Italian liquor on our list that can be a perfect substitute for Benedictine. It’s created from over 30 herbs and roots.

Oak vats are used to age this liquor before serving. Its sweet, intense, and bitter taste makes it slightly different than Benedictine.

Producers use bitter orange to flavor this liquor along with several spices and herbs. Thus, Fernet Branca gets a unique flavor that cocktail lovers like a lot.

You can serve it in small glasses or enjoy a cocktail after dinner.

Grand Marnier

grand marnier

Being a sweet orange-flavored liqueur, Grand Marnier has been a popular alternative to French Benedictine. It got a hint of vanilla and an identical sweet flavor.

It’s widely used for baking, roasting, and preparing poultry-based cuisines. Many cocktails contain this liqueur and that’s why you should give it a try.

You may want to find some alternatives to Grand Marnier if it’s not available.



Campari has become an important ingredient in many cocktails. It tastes bitter and goes well with other sweet-flavored liquors, and won’t affect the taste of cocktails that require Benedictine. So it’s a good Benedictine replacement.

The blend of fruits, herbs, and spices make Campari a cherry-red color. You may even discover something unique and more delicious with Campari.



Offering a blend of a natural spirit with flowers, citrus, and herbs, Italicus is quite a delicious liquor. You won’t find it sweet or bitter because it got a perfectly balanced flavor.

You can replace Benedictine with this liquor when preparing Honeymoon or Frisco Sour cocktails.

Now you get the top substitutes for Benedictine. Not all get a similar flavor, but all the above-listed liquors are wonderful.

FAQs About Benedictine

What’s a good Benedictine substitute in Singapore Sling?

Singapore Sling is a combination of gin, Grand Marnier, cherry liqueur, Bénédictine, lime, pineapple, bitters and club soda. If you don’t have Bénédictine, try using Dom B&B.

Is Benedictine a type of brandy?

Benedictine has been produced since the 19th century. It has gained popularity across the globe due to its amazing flavor. However, it is not brandy. It is a unique liqueur that you can try neat or as a cocktail beverage.

Are Benedictine and Cognac same type of liqueur?

Being a herbal and spicy liqueur, Benedictine is different from Cognac. Both got amazing taste and both are used for cooking, but Cognac is brandy.

Is it necessary to refrigerate opened Benedictine?

Being a lower-proof liqueur, Benedictine is prone to spoilage. Professional bartenders like to preserve this liqueur in a refrigerator so that its shelf life can get much longer. You should also refrigerate this liqueur if you are going to enjoy it several times a year.

Suppose you are planning to finish the bottle of Benedictine within a few months, you should not refrigerate it. Store it in a dry place to enjoy it whenever you are in the mood.

Should you drink Benedictine straight?

Benedictine got an awesome flavor and therefore it’s an integral part of many cocktails. You can enjoy it straight when you are not in the mood of trying a cocktail.

Try Benedictine cocktails when you wish to taste a more delicious beverage containing this liqueur.


Benedictine is unique and delicious. It has been around since the 19th century and still no other perfect substitute for this liqueur. However, many types of liquor have been developed to replace this French liqueur. Therefore, it won’t spoil your party if Benedictine is not available.

Pick your favorite Benedictine substitute and try it in your favorite cocktails. You won’t disappoint because the cocktail will taste amazing.

Keep some extra bottles of Benedictine if you don’t wish to try a substitute. Store it in a refrigerator for occasional cocktails and thus you will prolong the life of this French liqueur.

I’m Jennifer Schlette, a Registered Dietitian and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. I love cooking, reading, and my kids! Here you’ll find the healthiest recipes & substitutions for your cooking. Enjoy, and be well, friends!

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