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What Can You Substitute for Banana in Baking?

Sometimes when you’re baking, you come across a recipe that makes you question whether there are any alternatives to bananas for baking.

If you know how bananas work in recipes, there are methods to avoid using them whether you don’t have any on hand or you don’t like them.

In this article, let’s explore the world of bananas and alternatives to them in baking.

What Does Banana Do for Baking?

Banana is a fruit that was first grown for its fiber content many centuries ago. The stem of a banana is formed of fiber, as opposed to the wood that makes up the known stems of other trees.

The sweet flavor of the golden fruit gets stronger as it ripens. It has thick, fibrous skin and soft, delicious meat. Green, yellow, red, purple, and brown are the available hues.

Snacks, bread, ice cream, shakes, smoothies, desserts, pancakes, muffins, salads, and other foods are all made with bananas. They thicken and give whatever you’re cooking or baking a distinctive flavor.

What Can You Substitute for Banana in Baking?

The flavor and texture of a dish that calls for bananas to act as a binder, such as sweet bread, oatmeal pancakes, or muffins, may be significantly altered if you omit bananas.

Consequently, using a banana replacement rather than altogether omitting the banana from the recipe will help you conserve it. And though the banana flavor will still be gone, the finished product will have a comparable texture to the original recipe.

Let’s look into the six best substitutes for bananas.

1. Avocado


Avocado is a fantastic alternative to bananas in baking. Although it has a considerably milder flavor than bananas, avocado has a delightfully creamy texture that is akin to bananas.

This implies that whether it’s a sweet or savory recipe, it won’t significantly change the flavor and can be easily used.

For recipes like smoothies, avocado works better than banana since it gives the finished product a velvety texture and creamy feel while also thickening it.

Editor’s Comment

Simply swap out one banana for one-half of an avocado when using this substitution.

You should also be aware that the green color of avocado can change the hue and general appearance of your baked goods, so keep that in mind as well.

You won’t notice the difference, though, if the cake has a batter that is a darker color, like chocolate cake.

2. Plantains


Plantain is a fruit that is related to bananas. They have firm skin and are available in green and yellow colors, which is the ideal stage for consumption.

They resemble bananas in appearance, but they have a thicker and bigger structure. Unlike bananas, which can be eaten raw, unripe plantains must be cooked before consumption.

Plantains are a great alternative to bananas because of their increased carbohydrate content and sweet flavor, which enable us to make creamy, delicious smoothies.

Editor’s Comment

Plantains are a wonderful substitute in terms of texture, even if you don’t get the exact flavor of bananas.

3. Applesauce

what is applesauce

Apples are cooked slowly in water or apple cider to make applesauce. It can be used as a substitute for bananas because it has a dense, rich texture and a light, coarse consistency.

Your dish will be juicy and fresh if you use applesauce in place of bananas. Applesauce can be made with cinnamon, without sugar, or both. When it comes to replacing bananas, it truly steals the show!

Editor’s Comment

Use half a cup of applesauce in place of one banana in recipes. Your dish will gain moisture and freshness from it. Start slowly and make sure not to add extra as it will make the mixture soggy.

4. Eggs

egg whites whipped

Eggs can be used in vegan baking in place of bananas, just as bananas can be used in place of eggs.

Egg whites can easily mimic the texture of bananas in several baked items because of their gelatinous nature.

Editor’s Comment

Simply stick to using egg whites and reserve the egg yolks for another dish if you want to reduce the amount of calories in the particular recipe. You must use one egg for every banana you’re substituting.

5. Sweet Potatoes

cooked sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes can be prepared in several ways. They can be baked, fried, boiled, or used as a basis for soup, spaghetti, or roasting.

Like bananas, sweet potatoes are healthy. They don’t taste the same, yet they contain comparable amounts of calories, vitamins, and minerals.

As a result, you can use Sweet potatoes as banana replacements.

Editor’s Comment

Cooking the potatoes first, then mashing them is the first step. In place of bananas, you can use them in baked goods or smoothies. They will give food a silky texture and a subdued sweetness.

You can also use purple sweet potatoes to get the gorgeous purple hue in smoothies and milkshakes.

6. Oatmeal


Usually a fantastic addition to baking recipes, oatmeal is created from processed oats and liquid.

It provides your cakes, bread, or smoothies a mild, earthy flavor as well as a wonderful, creamy texture when crushed and used.

Oatmeal’s low-calorie content, high antioxidant content, and other essential nutrients can help with weight loss, and blood sugar control, and lower the risk of heart disease.

Editor’s Comment

Oatmeal can be used instead of bananas to thicken the recipe; however, grinding is required for a smoother texture.

FAQs About Banana in Baking

What can I substitute for a banana in banana bread?

Your “banana” bread won’t still be the same without bananas!

If you’re comfortable with this, try substituting cooked and mashed sweet potatoes or pumpkin. Then, to add sweetness, add brown sugar or maple to the mixture.

The very different result will be a beautifully moist and warm slice of sweet potato or pumpkin bread.

Can you substitute pumpkin for banana in baking?

Yes. Although applesauce is the most frequently used alternative to bananas in baking, pumpkin can also be used in place of mashed bananas.

You can also try using sweet potatoes, avocados, yogurt, eggs, or oats in place of bananas while baking. Most of them can be swapped out for one banana and a half cup.


One of the most consumed fruits worldwide is the banana. They can be used in a variety of recipes or in place of other items like eggs, butter, and oil.

You can use some of these above-mentioned substitutions if you want to experiment with different items in your recipe instead of bananas.

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