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15 Best Substitutes for Provolone Cheese

Someone whose taste buds have experienced rich melted Provolone can never let go of it! Its mild yet rich cheesy taste is a must-have for everyone!

However, it can be a real headache when searching for this Italian cheese as it’s generally out of stock due to its over-the-top sales.

But worry not!

As we have picked out the best provolone cheese substitute for you with the same mild creamy taste so your food stays cheesy and the flavors remain a delight!

What Can You Substitute for Provolone Cheese

Let’s have a look at the alternative to provolone that will definitely work in any dish of yours!

1. Fontina Cheese

fontina cheese

This is one fantastic flavored Italian semi-soft cow cheese that works best as a provolone substitute. Its rich nutty flavors and warm buttery texture gets it going with most of the recipes!

Many people love to pair it up with pizza as a topping. However, it is a well-known ingredient in soups, sauces, gratings, and chowders too.

With its taste highly resembling provolone, one thing that causes it to be highly demanded is the fact, is gluten-free, and really few preservatives are added to it.

Not only this, it has a pretty good amount of protein which makes it a good alternative to meat.

Author’s Comment

I am a big fan of Fontina when avoiding cheese. It’s so healthy and can be used to treat Diarrhea, bloating, and cramps. It greatly aids in balancing gut Health.

2. Parmesan Cheese

parmesan cheese

Parmesan cheese works just like the provolone, despite the fact that it’s hard-textured and pretty salty.

However, its rich nutty taste makes it a delight in every dish. It is highly used in toppings and seasonings.

Author’s Comment

I would personally recommend adding milder cheese to it for a blended smoother taste.

Otherwise, you can also opt for Pecorina, one type of Parmesan, which is the sheep cheese. It is not aged long, which gives it a relatively sweeter and milder taste.

3. Muenster Cheese

muenster cheese

A big yes to this aged provolone substitute!

The creamy mild cheese makes itself a perfect ingredient for sandwiches, roasted Turkey, and a lot more yum dishes that you like cheesy.

It is a U.S based cheese that comes from the word “Munster”. It has a blended flavor with low fat, making it suitable for many with health concerns.

Author’s Comment

I personally add a bit of Mozzarella cheese to it, for a more creamy texture, and also it makes it hard to distinguish it from Provolone!

4. Low Moisture Mozzarella Cheese

low moisture mozzarella cheese

Yes! Here it is. One of the many popular options that stand as a Provolone cheese substitute.

Conventionally, low moisture mozzarella cheese made with buffalo milk. It has a significant method of stretching the curds and then mixing them to make the right blended texture,

It is pretty similar to provolone, only if you use the right type of Mozzarella.

The Mozzarella cheese should be kept in the liquid as it comes fresh, to maintain the softness. Once aged, you can slice and grate it for use.

Author’s Comment

It is a perfect partner for every dish and you can use the same quantity of Mozzarella with that of Provolone. I can feel my mouth dripping from its delicious taste.

5. Edam Cheese


Okay, so this is one highly recommended provolone alternative. I love how it comes in a round cylindrical shape with a distinguished red paraffin waxing over it.

Edam cheese has its origin in the Netherlands and was usually eaten at the end of each meal.

But due to its nutty flavor and blended texture, it works impeccably in dishes and as toppings too.

Author’s Comment

This cheese is made from goat’s milk to give it a sweet curd taste. I like it best with fruits or snacks at tea time. Nom nom!

6. Gruyere Cheese


This is a swiss cheese with a blend of nutty flavors. Mostly the french dishes pay regard to it, as it’s the hearty ingredient of many famous dishes such as croque-monsieur.

The texture of this cheese significantly varies from the other types.

It is hard but not crumbly so won’t work ideally for aged provolone substitute but its freshness makes it so flavorsome and salty that you crave it.

Gruyere cheese can be used in a variety of foods such as casseroles, gratings, soups, etc.

Author’s Comment

It is a lot healthier. I mostly have it for my bone health. It also helps to balance the gut and prevent cancer and bacteria growth.

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7. Emmental Cheese


Among all the Swiss cheese- this one marks the best one!

Emmental cheese is medium-hard in texture with excellent melting capacity. It is well-known to make any dish flavorsome with its rich taste.

They are a perfect ingredient to be added to casseroles, sandwiches, pasta, and egg dishes for instance.

Author’s Comment

I really like its cold, sweet taste so I usually get its slice in my sandwiches which makes the taste go over the moon.

Emmental chese is a good, aged provolone substitute but works impeccably against cheddar cheese.

I recently made a research on Emmental cheese, and found its top 11 substitutes. If you’re interested, click here.

8. Gouda’s Cheese

goudas cheese

Gouda’s cheese is one famous cheese of the Netherlands. It is made from Semi-solid cow cheese and its flat texture makes it ideal to slip into sandwiches or add to the cheese boards.

The pale color and the mild taste, make it pretty just like the provolone, and adds a remarkable taste to every dish!

It gives your taste buds a salty taste and melts greatly to blend in the flavors. 

9. Provola Cheese

provola cheese

One of the rich flavored cheeses, Provola cheese is going to be an absolute love for your tastebuds. Made with buffalo’s milk, its richness is incomparable.

However, it has a bit of Savory taste. It is used widely in different kinds of pasta and french dishes.

10. Cheddar cheese

Cheddar cheese is a good alternative to aged Provolone Cheese. Its sweet and aromatic taste is a treat for everyone. It’s quite semi-hard but melts wonder.

Author’s Comment

I recommend mixing it with some Mozzarella for giving authentic provolone flavor.

11. Monterey Jack Cheese

monterey jack cheese

Monterey Jack cheese is made with cow’s milk. Really aromatic and soft texture, it is a good replacement for provolone cheese.

Author’s Comment

I love its moisturized taste, though it’s mild and salty it more resembles the taste of Colby cheese.

Other Options

The following substitutes may not be your first choices, but they can still good options when Provolone cheese is not available.

  • 12. Scamorza Cheese
  • 13. White American cheese
  • 14. Asiago Cheese
  • 15. Manchego cheese

FAQs About Provolone Cheese

1. Can provolone be substituted for Mozzarella?

Yes! Provolone can be substituted for Mozzarella. But the regular one, not the fresh one.

You should keep Mozzarella in liquid for freshness. This also makes the texture soft and blended in eating.

Mozzarella is mild in flavor and works perfectly against Provolone. It can make your pizza perfect in taste!

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2. Can I substitute Provolone for Parmesan?

Parmesan cheese isn’t the perfect alternative used for Provolone cheese, as it is saltier and has a nutty flavor.

However, if you really want to use it, mix it with another type of cheese to make the taste mild, and yes! Now the taste will be like that of provolone.

3. Can I substitute Provolone for Fontina?

Fontina works pretty well as a substitute for Provolone. Both the cheeses have origins in Italy and possess mild well-textured taste.

Fontina and Provolone both work as young cheese and are a solid runner-up of each other to make any dish taste delicious.


The nearest one that you should opt for when Provolone is out of stock is the low moisture Mozzarella.

It is the top substitute for Provolone cheese which can be combined with a variety of ingredients to make your favorite hot pizzas, casseroles, or any sandwich that you would munch on!

On the other hand, other types of cheese are a good alternative, but their slightly stronger and nutty flavor makes them a more sophisticated cheese to season your dishes with!

I’m Jennifer Schlette, a Registered Dietitian and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. I love cooking, reading, and my kids! Here you’ll find the healthiest recipes & substitutions for your cooking. Enjoy, and be well, friends!

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