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10 Best Chickpeas (Garbanzo Beans) Substitutes for Healthy Meals

Also called Garbanzo Beans [1] or Gram, Chickpeas are legumes regarded as beans, but in reality, they are neither beans nor peas.

Chickpeas are a popular food worldwide, and they are a superfood as they contain a lot of protein, fiber, nutrients, calcium, iron, and other benefits.

Do you not like the taste of chickpeas and want some chickpeas substitute as you would like to replace them with something similar?

10 Best Substitutes for Chickpeas

Are you having a hard time figuring out some options that can be a replacement for chickpeas? Well, we have brought you some substitutes that might catch your interest.

1. Green Peas

One of the most common vegetables around, Green Peas, is quite nutritious as they contain many fiber and antioxidants.

They are considered the healthiest and low-calorie food and are an excellent replacement for chickpeas.

Green peas contain properties that help reduce the risk of many diseases, allow you to digest your food correctly, and improve your digestive system.

The best part about green peas is that they can be added to almost all meals, whether a salad, soup or a stew.

2. Black Beans

black turtle beans

Are you wondering what could be an excellent alternative to chickpeas when you are just bored eating them? Well, Black Beans are there for the rescue.

Commonly used in Mexican and Indian cuisines, Black Beans have properties very similar to chickpeas. They have a strong, sweet, and earthy flavor and are widely used in tacos and stuffed peppers.

They protect the cells in your body and reduce the risk of several health diseases such as heart conditions or cancer.

These beans also provide you with vitamins and minerals.

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3. Soya Beans


Do you have soya beans at home and can’t wait to make the best use of them?

Soya Beans, a species of legumes found in East Asia, offer numerous uses in terms of food, such as soya milk. Soya Beans have a high amount of protein and adequate carbs and fat.

These beans alleviate the symptoms of menopause, reduce the risk of cancer, and can be great for people who are intolerant to dairy products.

If chickpeas are unavailable for some reason, you can add Soya Beans in salads and soups.

4. Cannellini Beans

cannellini beans

Also known as White Kidney Beans, Cannellini Beans are beans that are a popular food in Southern Italy these days.

These beans are large in size, oval in shape, and have a slightly nutty flavor with a creamy texture that provides the ultimate taste.

Their fluffy texture makes them the perfect choice as a substitute for chickpeas in the recipes that you make at home.

Also, Cannellini Beans can be used in salads as they are a little less crunchy than chickpeas. If you want to enhance the taste of the beans, you can also roast them a little and add them as a side dish.

5. Great Northern Beans

great northern beans

Slightly smaller than Cannellini Beans, Great Northern Beans have a nutty flavor, making them more suitable as a chickpeas substitute. 

They have a milder taste and are mostly served with hot spices, meat, fish, and white chili as well.

Great Northern Beans have a firm flesh which means that they taste great for soups and stews. They hold their shape better than other beans and are commonly used in French foods.

If you want to try something different, these beans should be your go-to.

6. Mung Beans

mung beans

Popularly known as Green Gram in Asian cuisine, Mung Beans can be an excellent substitution.

The Mung Beans also have other names such as Moong, Maash, and Munggo. Mainly cultivated in East, Southeast, and South Asia, Mung Beans can be used in sweet and savory dishes.

These beans are high in nutrients and antioxidants, and they offer multiple health benefits to people who consume sufficient amounts.

Mung beans also protect against heat stroke and digestive health, promote weight loss, and lower blood pressure and sugar levels.

7. Pinto Beans

pinto beans

Among the common beans, Pinto Beans are popularly produced and consumed across Northern Mexico and the Southern United States.

These beans are known as “judias pintas” in Spanish, which means speckled beans. These beans are a popular choice among Spanish foods, and almost all foods contain these beans.

Pinto Beans have a strong and noticeable flavor along with a rich and earthy flavor, and they are mostly eaten whole, mashed, and fried.

These beans are slightly pinkish brown and are commonly added to stews, chilis, and casseroles as well.

Just like chickpeas, pinto beans also have many healthy substitutes.

8. Split Peas

split peas

Very close to green peas, Split Peas are peas that are dried and peeled with a sweet taste and a creamy texture.

Also known as field pea, soup pea, or dried pea, their subtle sweetness is perfect for enriching the taste of the dish, such as seafood and dishes which contain meat.

If you want to reduce Split Peas’ cooking time, you can soak them overnight. Soaked Split Peas take around 40 minutes to fully cook, while unsoaked peas require 1 to 2 hours at max.

You can add Split Peas to stews, soups, and chowders.

9. Edamame

edamame beans

A type of bean native to Japan, Edamame or young green soybeans, has a buttery and nutty flavor compared to the traditional soybeans.

These beans are found in cuisines mostly in East Asia, and they can be both boiled and steamed before they are served with salt or spices.

Edamame has a fresh green taste which makes them the perfect substitute for Chickpeas if you want to use them as appetizers.

Also, as they are quite versatile, they can be added to a variety of dishes. Remember that you do not overboil these as they can turn soft or change color.

10. Hazelnuts


Fruit of the hazel tree, Hazelnuts are a surprisingly good replacement for chickpeas if you don’t like chickpeas for some reason.

Hazelnuts which have a nutty and creamy taste, are usually compared to chocolate, but they are the complete opposite, with an earthy flavor.

Moreover, they are also described as being buttery at times which is why they are liked by people so much. Also, Hazelnuts can be a great alternative if you are allergic to legumes.

Due to their nutty flavor, Hazelnuts can be incorporated into both sweet and savory dishes easily.

FAQs About Chickpea

Can you roast other beans like Chickpeas?

Whether they are black beans, hazelnuts, or any other beans, you can easily roast them just like chickpeas.

You can also serve the roasted beans as a side dish or an appetizer before the main course.

What is a Chickpea?

Chickpea is a legume that belongs to the plant family and is considered a bean. Chickpeas are known to be healthy due to their amazing nutritional value, such as proteins, carbs, and fiber.

Where to buy Chickpeas?

Do you want to buy chickpea in the US but are unsure about where it is available?

Chickpeas are widely available across all the leading online stores in the US, such as Amazon, Pulse Suppliers, and Alberta Pulse Growers. 


Are you satisfied with the options that we have presented for chickpeas above? Every option that you opt for will provide you with a distinct and different taste.

For example, if you want to add a fresh green taste to your dishes, you can opt for mung beans, green peas, or split beans.

Similarly, if you would like a crunchy taste in your food, then hazelnuts are your best bet as they will also protect you from allergies to legumes.

I’m Jennifer Schlette, a Registered Dietitian and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. I love cooking, reading, and my kids! Here you’ll find the healthiest recipes & substitutions for your cooking. Enjoy, and be well, friends!

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