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[Review] 6 Best Rated Red Pepper Flakes for Tasty Meals

Are you hunting for the best red pepper flakes to sprinkle on your dishes to give them a burst of spice, heat, and a zesty flavor? No need to surf anymore because you’ve luckily stopped at the right place.

After deep research, we’ve come up with the 6 best red pepper flakes that will surely amaze you with the bold flavor and the balanced heat. So let’s dive deep to know all about our reviewed products.

Reviews of 6 Best Red Pepper Flakes

1. McCormick Crushed Red Pepper


Our first product is McCormick crushed red pepper, made with top-quality whole and ripe peppers. These best red pepper flakes add a perfect zesty flavor to your stews, pizza, eggs, casseroles, tacos, pasta sauce, curries, and soups.

Made with a blend of high-quality seeds and pods that gives a balance in heat and a bold flavor. The pure crushed red pepper gives the perfect red color with a little speck of yellow seeds.

It offers a little hint of fruity taste and chili pepper aroma and balanced heat in your dish, so it stands out best among all the other competitors.

Each bottle contains 368 grams of the product, so the single bottle will go for a long time.


  • Smells wonderful as it’s made with fresh chillies.
  • Good quantity in the container.
  • The jar is convenient to use with the pour lid.


  • Not hot enough
  • It might be bland.
  • The holes are smaller to get a spoon full of flakes.

2. Taekyung Chili Powder For Kimchi


Taekyung has made coarse gochugaru flakes to add to kimchi, BBQ, spicy stir-fried pork and many other dishes. It won’t go wrong if we say that it’s the best Korean red pepper flakes for kimchi.

You’ll get it with the authentic Korean spice seasoning with the Scoville heat unit of about 4500. This makes it best to use for all Asian recipes.

No need to doubt the quality. This kosher seasoning is made with 100% peppers. Moreover, it’s with zero fat, carb, sugar, and cholesterol and with no additives.

This Korea’s original seasoning is processed in South Korea and has a lot of nutrients, and offers a lot of health benefits. So not just good for recipes, but it’s also best for your health.


  • It’s MSG free
  • 100% pepper only
  • Kosher certified


  • It might be mild in heat.
  • You might not find these flakes fully dried.
  • Not suitable for those who don’t like the fruity taste.

3. Flatiron Pepper Co – Premium Red Chile Flakes


Flatiron Spice has always stood among the best brands when it comes to the best red chili flakes. Flatiron Pepper Co is something that won’t let you go back to the generic red pepper lakes.

You must know that it isn’t just made from a single type of pepper. But this bottle contains a blend of four peppers. These include Habanero, Ghost pepper, Arbol, and Jalapeno.

All these fully contribute to making a perfect blend of flavor and heat in your dishes.

Once you try this, you’ll surely fall addicted to using it. You’ll get it with 100% premium chile pepper flakes without any salt or additives. That’s why most cooking experts prefer buying this product.

Doubtlessly, these are the best red pepper flakes for pizza. Moreover, whether it’s a stew, pasta, or stir-fry, you can add these chili flakes to many other dishes. You won’t be disappointed with the taste of these flakes in any of your recipes.  


  • Made with 100% premium chile pepper flakes.
  • Paleo-friendly
  • Gives you the perfect spice.


  • It might taste the same as the regular crushed pepper flakes.
  • It might not be too hot.
  • You might need to add a lot of flakes to get the taste in dishes.

4. Amazon Brand – Happy Belly Red Pepper, Crushed


Happy Belly’s crushed red pepper is another amazing addition to your kitchen essentials.

You’ll get this 2-ounces bottle of red pepper with slightly fruity and consistently spicy heat.

Not just for BBQ, but these best crushed red pepper flakes are second to none in taste for pizza, dressings, salad greens, veggies, casseroles, chowders, meat marinades, pasta, and eggs. Even the soups become super yummy by adding a pinch or a little more of these flakes.

You can also use this pepper in all the recipes that call for fiery chili flavors. The container contains 56 grams of peppers.   


  • Kosher certified
  • Works for a lot of recipes
  • Gives a strong spiced flavor


  • The shaker side of cap holes is too small for the flakes.
  • Quite large-sized flakes that are difficult to come out of holes smoothly.
  • Too spicy and can ruin your dish if you add more than the required amount.

5. Spice Classics Crushed Red Pepper


Spice Classics has specially made this crushed red pepper for chefs, not just for your home kitchen.

It is made with pure and high-quality dried red chili peppers that give your recipes a sharp pungent taste with consistent texture and a good level of heat.

In this seasoning, a safe and secure supply chain worldwide is used to get the red chili peppers. Thus, you can’t doubt purity.

Your pantry of spices, herbs and seasonings is incomplete without adding this Spice Classics’ crushed red pepper.

You’ll become satisfied by knowing that it’s kosher certified. So you can use it for cooking your restaurant foods. Plus, your customers can sprinkle it on the dishes according to their preferences.

It’s amazing to add on seafood, pizza, pasta, chowder, or any other dish according to your choice. Apart from this, let us tell you that this can work like magic in marinades when it goes with lime juice and coconut juice.  

The bottle contains 340 grams of crushed red pepper, and that’s undoubtedly a good quantity.


  • This crushed red pepper is kosher.
  • Perfect to use for homes and restaurants.
  • Offers menu versatility


  • You might need to add a lot as it has very little heat.
  • The holes of the shaker are too small for the flakes.
  • You might get them clumped as if not fully dried.

6. Simply Organic Crushed Red Pepper


Simply Organic doesn’t just claim to provide organic products, but it has also proved its claim by presenting crushed red pepper.

Each bottle contains a tomato-like chili flavor that gives a burst of heat. And the seeds add a fuller effect.

Flakes speak for their freshness from the deep brick red color. These red flakes have a fleck of yellow seeds, making the blend colorful and attractive.

The best thing about these best-rated red pepper flakes that will catch your attention is that it’s kosher certified. So don’t dare to doubt the quality.

You can also sprinkle it on your foods and use it in restaurants to be used by your customers to sprinkle on food.

A single bottle of this Capsicum annuum L (botanical name) contains 45 grams or 1.59 ounces of product in it.  


  • Organic and kosher certified.
  • Retains the real taste of food as it’s mild in spices.
  • Made with 100% fresh chillies.


  • If you’re a high spice lover, you might find them mild.
  • The holes of the plastic top are too small for flakes to come out.
  • It gives weak heat to your dishes.

How to Choose the Best Red Pepper Flakes

If you aren’t an expert in buying the best chili flakes, you might face difficulty picking the right product. But don’t fret, you need to know a few important points, and you can easily put the right product in your cart.

Heat, Flavor, and Kosher Certified

The most important points are the amount of heat and the level of flavor it has.

Apart from these two points, look at whether the product you’re buying is kosher certified or not. The kosher-certified flakes are considered ideal to buy as they ensure good quality.

Pepper Type

The type of pepper from which the flakes are made also affects a lot. Look for the pepper type that suits best according to your taste.

Pure Flakes

Lastly, hunt for the flakes made with 100% peppers without adding any additives, salt, or other things.

Wrapping Up

We, humans, need perfection in everything. So do we need it in our purchases? Hell yes! To throw a perfect product of red pepper flakes in your cart, we’ve presented you with the 6 best red pepper flakes that are matchless.

It’s now up to you to pick one that fits best according to your demands and preferences. But don’t forget to check the point of heat, flavor, type of pepper used, and kosher certification while buying any product.

In the end, let us know about your purchase in the comment section. Also, share your experience after using that product. We’ll be waiting to know all this.

We wish you good luck with your purchase!

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