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8 Best-Rated Double Wall Ovens Reviews

So you are planning to get a double wall oven. The reasons may vary from upgrading the one you have to getting one for the first time. Whatever the reason, getting the best is not that easy.

This article lists the best double wall ovens in size, features, and uses. It ensures your decision-making process is as simple as possible.

Best Double Wall Oven Reviews

The following is an in-depth review of the best combination of double wall ovens. Each comes with information about its features and pros and cons.


GE 30

GE JTD5000SNSS is our best stainless-steel option due to various reasons. For starters, it comes with True European Convection feature.

This feature is designed to give you more even and faster results. It’s made possible thanks to the third heating element and convection fan. Combining these two features ensures proper air circulation for more efficient cooling.

A SmartHQ App is another great feature. It allows you to monitor the oven remotely. As a result, you can preheat the oven when you are not at home.

No one enjoys the gruesome task of cleaning their oven. With the GE JTD5000SNSS, you get two self-cleaning options to choose from. Select the one you want, and in a short while, the interior of your oven will be sparkling clean.

Last but not least is the hidden backlit LCD control. It allows you to input your setting when you are ready to cook. These features make it one of the market’s best 30-inch stainless steel double wall ovens.


  • Exact fit guarantee
  • 10-pass Hidden Bake Element
  • SmartHQ-powered built-in Wi-Fi
  • 8-pass broil element


  • Only available in stainless steel

2. Frigidaire GCWD3067AF

Frigidaire Gallery 30

Frigidaire GCWD3067AF is one of the few best 30-inch double wall ovens with total convection. Total, in this case, means you get a powerful and advanced convection system in both ovens.

You get to experience maximum versatility in the kitchen due to the variety of cooking modes. They include bread proof, air sous vide, steam or convection roast, and air fry. Additionally, you don’t need to preheat the oven before the baking begins.

The air fry option is great for people who want healthier meals. Slow cooking is another good feature; it allows you to lock in the flavor and moisture of the food you are cooking.

With the steam bake option, you get bakery results in the comfort of your home. In this case, steam is evenly circulated in the oven cavity. The result is that the muffins and bread come out fluffy and light.

A temperature probe is included to ensure you don’t keep guessing when your food is ready. The probe monitors the food and alerts you when the desired cooking temperature has been achieved.


  • Two self-cleaning options
  • Steam roast option
  • Touch screen control panel
  • Air sous vide offer precise temperature control
  • Smudge-proof stainless steel


  • It May not fit all kitchens
  • No-preheat option is not for every type of food


GE 27

One of the unique features of GE JKD3000SNSS is the glass touch controls. They allow you to set temperatures cleanly and quickly with minimal effort.

A 10-pass hidden bake element makes this one of the best 27-inch double wall ovens. The element is hidden to offer an easy-to-wipe cooking surface when you are done. Furthermore, the element heats a large cooking area.

If you like broil, you will love the 8-pass broil element. You get full broil coverage even if you want to brown your food from edge to edge.

SmartHQ-powered built-in Wi-Fi is another exciting feature. You only need to install the app on any mobile device, and you can monitor the oven from anywhere. You can use it for alerts, optimal performance, and real-time feedback.

Scrubbing cooking racks on any oven is not something anyone looks forward to. With the self-clean option, you don’t have to worry about scrubbing your cooking racks. The optional steam clean ensures your racks are thoroughly cleaned.


  • Glass touch controls
  • Great for broiling and browning
  • 10-pass bake element heats a large cooking area
  • Self-clean with steam option


  • Lacks no-preheat option

4. Frigidaire FCWD3027AS

Frigidaire 30

Fan convection is renowned for its great baking results, and Frigidaire FCWD3027AS has it. With this feature, both ovens get multi-rack and faster baking results. It may be the reason it’s among the best combination double wall ovens.

Self-cleaning is another benefit of this unit. On the downside, you only get 2, 3, and 4-hour cycles. It may be wise to note some of the best 24-inch double wall ovens come with a quick self-cleaning option.

To compensate for the lack of the self-cleaning option, you get a premium touch screen control panel. The package includes a capacitive touch digital control panel with a full-color 4.3-inch display.

If you like to broil, you’ll love the customizable broil temperatures. Take note you can choose specific broil temperatures as long as they are within the 400 – 550 degrees range.

Lastly, there is a feature known as convenient cook time. You can use it to turn off the unit when the cooking time is complete.


  • Keep warm setting
  • Large 10.6 Cu. Ft. oven capacity
  • It can automatically turn off after cooking time expires
  • Premium touch screen control panel


  • It lacks a quick self-clean option.

5. Cosmo COS-30EDWC

The first thing we noticed with Cosmo COS-30EDWC is the turbo true European convection. It’s a design developed to ensure the unit cooks food more evenly. The product also uses lower temperatures and less time than others in its class.

You get 7 functions on the top oven. They are convection roast, convection broil, convection bake, bread proof, warm, broil, and bake.

An automatic self-clean function is an additional plus. The product uses high temperatures to clean its interior automatically. This ensures you easily get rid of soot and spills. Besides allowing obstacle-free cleaning of the oven’s floor, the hidden bake element distributes heat evenly during cooking/baking.

If you are worried about overheating, the cooling ventilation system keeps your worries at bay. It offers a cool-to-touch oven handle and safe heat dissipation.

As for the warranty, you get 1-year on the entire unit. The company doesn’t use a call center. Instead, they have a United States-based support team to ensure professionals answer all your needs.


  • Made from stainless steel
  • 1-year warranty with US-based customer support
  • Self-cleaning double wall oven
  • Turbo True European convection cooking system


  • The lower oven has few oven functions.

6. Frigidaire FFET3026TS

Frigidaire FFET3026TS is a great option if you are a fan of hosting dinner parties or own a large household. One of the things we loved about this double wall oven is each of the ovens uses independent settings.

The main feature of this unit is the Vari-Broil temperature control. It allows you to get 2 different heat levels. The result is an ideal meal that is seared to perfection.

A delayed start option lets you schedule your cooking or baking times from start to tantalizing finish. You can use this feature up to a day in advance.

There’s a timed cooking option for scheduling convenient and simple meal times. To set all this up, the Frigidaire FFET3026TS has Ready-Select Controls.

Self and delayed cleaning are options you’ll love about this product. They allow you to clean the oven with minimal effort and are, at times, convenient to you.

You’ll also notice the oven rack handles are spaced to ensure you can pull them out easily. Combined with Star K certification and a 9.2 Cu. Ft. capacity, this is one of the best Vari-Broil options.


  • Vari-Broil option (for broiling a plethora of meals)
  • Delay clean option
  • Delay start baking option
  • Star K certified double wall oven


  • It May be complicated for some people to use

7. KitchenAid KODE507ESS

KitchenAid 27

Both ovens come with true convection. KitchenAid KODE507ESS has a unique bow-tie design. They also have a fan and heating element for circulating hot air in the entire oven.

Such features ensure you get consistent temperatures when you are cooking. This means you get caramelized, flavorful veggies, well-browned, juicy roasts, and flaky, crisp baked goods.

Unlike most 27-inch double wall ovens and their 30-inch counterparts, KitchenAid KODE507ESS has a temperature probe in each oven. You can use them to accurately measure the temperature of your food without opening either oven door.

Even-heat preheat is something new to the oven world. This unit has it and works by ensuring everything in the oven cavity is preheated to the correct temperature. The system prevents uneven baking or cooking.

Both ovens of the unit come with SatinGlide roll-out extension racks. It’s designed to allow the user to load food onto the rack easily.


  • Glass-touch display
  • Control lock function (also works as child-lock)
  • Self-cleaning oven
  • 5.0 Cu. Ft. capacity in each oven


  • Not great for cooking small amounts of food

8. Whirlpool WOD51ES4EW

Whirlpool 24

AccuBake is the first thing to come to mind when using Whirlpool WOD51ES4EW. It’s one of the best 24-inch double wall ovens due to this feature.

AccuBake is a temperature management system that ensures food is cooked at even temperatures. There are in-built sensors to ensure the system works efficiently. The system turns on the required cooking elements for consistent baking and optimal heat.

Whirlpool WOD51ES4EW has dual interior lighting to make cooking easy at night. A touch control display is an added advantage. The combination of these features makes a great experience for cooking any food.

Unlike some of the best 24-inch double wall ovens, this product comes with a self-cleaning system that uses high heat. The high temperatures ensure baked-on food splatter is burned off. Once done, a simple wipe with a damp cloth will finish the job.

To keep your food warm, make use of the “keep warm” feature. A 12-hour delay cook setting is an additional advantage if you want to prepare meals when you are away.


  • Closed-door broiling
  • Sabbath mode (Star K certified)
  • Keep warm option
  • AccuBake temperature management system


  • Lacks remote/smart cooking option

What to Look for in a Double Oven


Before making a purchase, please measure the area you have in your kitchen. Please check the specifications to ensure a suitable fit as not all double ovens are the same size.

The typically high oven is 600mm wide and ranges from 888mm to 1230mm. Before purchasing, remember that you might also need to measure the doorways and corridors leading to your kitchen.


The oven’s capacity is its size, typically expressed in cubic feet. Every oven comes with a unique capacity depending on the model.

The capacity of the top and bottom ovens in twin ovens may be equal, although that is not usually the case. Your larger dinners will undoubtedly need to be considered, and you’ll need to make sure they can fit in one of the ovens.

Nevertheless, even our smallest oven on this list might accommodate a respectable-sized roast turkey by taking out a rack.

Fuel Source

The fuel source for double ovens is either gas or electricity.

If you purchase a gas oven, keep in mind that a gas line must be nearby. A power supply can also be necessary to start some models. Make sure everything is prepared for installation in advance.

Nothing is worse than ordering an oven only to discover that you also want additional tools or a particular expert.


A double oven may have several features.

Ovens are increasingly equipped with Wi-Fi, allowing you to operate them through an app or a smart home system like Google Home. A fan at the back of many electric ovens allows for convection cooking.

However, top-down convection, available only on more expensive models, maybe what you want if you’ve ever worked in a professional kitchen.

FAQs About Double Wall Oven

Are double wall ovens worth it?

Your back will undoubtedly believe this.

Most electric wall double ovens are higher up in your kitchen cabinets, typically at chest height, as opposed to a range, which positions one oven underneath your worktop. You won’t have to stoop down or lean over to check your cooking, which might strain your back, making it simpler when handling hot meals.

To facilitate and speed up the cooking process, many double ovens today include convection cooking, self-cleaning, and flexible preheat and defrost settings.

However, the price of a double wall oven may be out of reach for individuals on a limited budget. However, the added features, excellent performance, and large storage can compensate for the additional cost in the long term.

How to measure for a double wall oven

Measure the opening in your cabinets where your wall oven will go before you go shopping to determine its height, depth, and width.

So that you may compare the dimensions to those of a wall oven that you can get in stores or online, write them down on a piece of paper.

How long should an oven last?

A wall oven or range can last for roughly 16 years if properly maintained.

Although oven longevity varies, you should be able to count on your oven to last longer than ten years—or, on the high end, two decades.

Why You Should Trust Us

We have been trying out various home appliances for several years. Our reviews are thoroughly researched because we use two main methods.

  • The first involves buying the appliance and testing it to ascertain its features.
  • The second step involves interviewing the manufacturer’s design and development team.
  • Additionally, we check out reviews and testimonials about the product.

We are sure of the information we provide by using these two methods.

Furthermore, we have thousands of questions/consultations about home appliances. A good percentage includes those we haven’t reviewed/written about.

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