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7 Best Commercial Coffee Grinder Reviews

The best way to get customers to come to your coffee shop again is high-quality coffee.

Your coffee needs to be ground to perfection to brew delicious coffee drinks. This is where the coffee grinder comes in. It must be durable, powerful, and able to produce consistent results.

I know the choice of grinders can be overwhelming, so I’m bringing you my selection of the seven best commercial coffee grinders.

I’ve also included a buying guide, so you’ll have all the info to choose the best coffee grinder for your needs.

7 Best Commercial Coffee Grinders

1. Baratza Forte BG Brew Grinder

  • 10 oz bean hopper
  • 54mm flat steel burr
  • 6 oz grinder capacity
  • 1950 RPM motor power
  • LED control panel

Baratza Forte BG grinder is the best small commercial coffee grinder that can be perfect for mid-size coffee shops.

It was named Best Commercial Product of 2013 by the Specialty Coffee Association [1] and been one of the most popular grinders ever since.

This flat burr grinder has a 10 oz bean hopper capacity and 6 oz grinder capacity, and a 54mm flat steel burr that’s precise in producing coffee grinds.

It comes with 260 grind settings, which means you can use it for different brewing styles – it’ll make everything from fine to coarse grounds.

Editor’s Review

One of my favorite features is that you can dose by time or weight. Set the grinder to make a certain amount of coffee, and it’ll grind that exact amount before shutting off.

It also comes with a built-in digital scale that shows measurements to the tenth of a gram, so you don’t need to get a separate scale.

Who is it for?

Baratza Forte BG coffee grinder is an excellent choice if you need a grinder for a mid-size coffee shop. This is also a great backup grinder, as it’s reliable and doesn’t take up much space.


  • Metal body
  • Small footprint
  • Comes with calibration tools
  • Plenty of grind options
  • Hopper’s shut off function makes switching between beans easy


  • Burrs need some time to be broken in
  • Small volume compared to other commercial coffee grinders
  • Not the best choice for a busy cafe

2. Mazzer Super Jolly

  • 64mm conical steel burrs
  • 2.7 lbs hopper
  • 300g dosing chamber
  • Stepless grinding
  • Low blade speed of 1600 RPM

Mazzer Super Jolly is another commercial grinder that is suitable for a mid-size coffee shop. 

It comes with a built-in timer, a 300g dosing chamber, and 64mm flat steel burrs. The bean hopper has a large capacity of nearly 3 pounds, and it can grind 17g per second.

This grinder gives you impressive control over the dosing, thanks to the micrometrical step-less grinding. The flexibility is impressive, and you can always get the grind of your choice.

Editor’s Review

It has a low blade speed of 1600 RPM, which creates a low amount of heat during grinding. This ensures your beans don’t get burnt, so you have good quality coffee drinks.

The doser lets you dispense specific amounts of coffee, so the machine does the measuring for you. The container located on the front panel allows you to store the ground beans and use them later as needed.

Who is it for?

This is an ideal choice if you need a durable commercial coffee grinder with a large hopper capacity.

It’s also a good option if your cafe serves a wide variety of coffee drinks, as this grinder can produce everything from super fine to very coarse grounds.


  • Large hopper capacity
  • Stepless grinding adjustment with a micrometrical grind adjustment
  • Single and double dose adjustment
  • Portafilter handle allows hands-free operation
  • Conical burrs provide a quiet grinding process


  • Requires professional installation
  • Requires regular purging

3. Bunn G3 Bulk Coffee Grinder

  • 3 lbs hopper
  • 9 grind settings
  • Burrs produce 1400 RPM
  • Grinding in under 30 seconds

Bunn G3 Bulk could be the best commercial burr coffee grinder. It has a wide range of grinds – from coarse to fine powder.

The hopper fits 3 oz of beans and grinds one oz in less than 30 seconds, making it ideal for restaurants and busy coffee shops. You won’t have to wait long before the beans are ready to be brewed.

You can choose between 9 grind settings. The heavy-duty precision burrs guarantee consistency in each setting. The Turbo action draws the coffee through the chamber, so you have a high-volume grinding system, high speed, and efficiency.

Editor’s Review

I liked that there’s a cleaning lever, so I didn’t have to worry about cross-contamination of flavors when I switched coffee beans. I could easily remove the coffee from the grinding chamber and put new beans in.

The operation was extremely safe. The motor can’t run if the bag is removed, which eliminates the chances of getting injured.

Who is it for?

Bunn G3 Bulk coffee grinder is the best option for people who need a fast commercial coffee grinder.

This is also a good option if you plan to sell your own coffee, as it can grind directly into retail coffee bags.


  • Turbo grinding system provides excellent speed and efficiency
  • 30 seconds grinding speed
  • Motor automatically stops when bag isn’t in place
  • Cleaning lever


  • Tall and heavy
  • Expensive
  • Very loud

4. Rancilio Rocky Espresso Coffee Grinder

  • 10.5 oz hopper capacity
  • 40 grinding settings
  • 50mm stainless steel flat burrs
  • 1725 RPM motor power

If you brew a lot of espressos, this grinder is for you – Rancilio Rocky is the best commercial espresso coffee grinder.

Rancilio Rocky is on the smaller side, and you can use it at home or in a small coffee shop. This coffee grinder is extremely durable and dependable as it it produces consistent grinds.

It has a tinted hopper which makes it difficult for the sun to reach your coffee beans and preserves bean freshness.

The grind control is top-notch, thanks to the 50mm commercial-grade stainless-steel burrs. You can choose between 55 settings and get any fineness of coffee grounds you need.

Editor’s Review

I used it the most for espresso, as espresso needs very finely and precisely ground coffee.

Rancilio Rocky is a manual grinder, and you control it via a push button. The grinder pours coffee grounds straight into a portafilter that you can keep on the grinder’s removable rack. Overall, this coffee grinder is extremely user-friendly.

Who is it for?

If you’re looking for a grinder for espresso beans, this is the one. It’s precise and can create fine coffee grounds.

It’s very quiet compared to other coffee grinders, and it’s extremely easy to use thanks to the manual control and the portafilter.


  • Durable
  • Grinds straight into a portafilter
  • Quiet and fast motor
  • Consistent grinding


  • Shouldn’t be used with oily beans
  • You have to hold the portafilter while it grinds

5. Breville BCG820BSS Smart Grinder Pro

  • 18 oz hopper capacity
  • 60 grinding settings
  • Stainless steel conical burr
  • LCD display

Breville BCG820BSS Smart Grinder Pro is the best budget commercial coffee grinder. It has impressive 60 grind settings.

An electronic timer lets you adjust the grinding time down to the fifth of a second. You can find ten micro adjustments beneath the bottom burr, so Breville is guaranteed to meet your preferences and grinding needs.

You can grind into any kind of container, including a portafilter or paper filter, which means you can make different kinds of coffee drinks. Stainless steel conical burrs have a consistent grind without overheating and damaging the coffee beans.

It’s easy to use thanks to the LCD display, which shows grind time, number of shots, and grind size. You can use the Dose iQ feature to program your personal dose size for each grinding category and the digital time setting to adjust timing in 0.2-second increments.

Who is it for?

Breville commercial coffee grinder is the best choice if you’re on a budget or you are a beginner barista. It’s easy to use and even comes with a portafilter and a burr cleaning brush.


  • Electronic timer
  • 10 micro adjustments
  • Bean hopper has a locking system for mess-free removal
  • Affordable


  • Not suitable for large coffee shops
  • Largest grind setting is too fine for the French press

6. Nuova Simonelli G60 Electronic On-Demand Grinder

  • 16 oz hopper capacity
  • 50mm steel flat burrs
  • Stainless steel dosing funnel
  • 8 lbs per hour grinding ability

Nuova Simonelli G60 is a sturdy commercial coffee grinder. The body is made of die-cast aluminum, so it can withstand a lot of daily use. It’s compact size, so it won’t take up much space on the counter.

This grinder has 60mm flat burrs made of stainless steel, which can grind up to 1,000 pounds of coffee before you have to replace them.

This is a stepless grinder, which means there are endless grinding adjustments. You can experiment until you find the one that works for your coffee shop best.

The motor is commercial-quality electric that brings the heat down. This ensures you don’t end up with burnt coffee. Plus, it’s very fast.

Editor’s Review

I especially liked the on-demand grinding. The grinder grinds straight into the portafilter, so I didn’t have to worry about the coffee growing stale.

Who is it for?

Nuova Simonelli G60 is a good choice if you want a reliable grinder with a bottomless portafilter that the machine can hold.

The build is stainless steel, and the maintenance and cleaning are easy. You can clean the burrs without messing up your grind settings.


  • Comes with a bottomless portafilter
  • Hopper can be replaced with a taller one
  • Aluminum and stainless steel build
  • Easy cleaning


  • Can’t be used with Turkish coffee
  • No workplace illumination

7. La Pavoni Commercial Coffee Grinder

  • 2 lbs hopper
  • Output of 13 lbs per hour
  • Insulation shield around the motor
  • Built-in 58mm tamper
  • 63.5mm tempered steel burrs

The final coffee grinder for commercial use is La Pavoni. This grinder has a built-in tamper. It can automatically tamp the coffee puck when it’s done grinding, which means less work for you and less mess.

You can choose between five and 8g doses. The bean hopper can hold 2 pounds and has an output of 13 pounds per hour. The hopper has a seal-slide tech, so the beans don’t fall out when you remove it.

The build is die-cast aluminum, so it’s durable and can withstand a lot of daily use.

La Pavoni coffee grinder has a low-mounted motor with insulating shields, so you don’t have to fear to overheat. Plus, the internal components are protected from overheating damage.

The tempered steel flat burrs have ZIP-R efficiency, which means they create less noise, are extra-large (63.5mm), and can create grinds of specific fineness or coarseness.

Who is it for?

If you’re looking for an extremely durable grinder, this could be the one. It has a sturdy build and protective measures that ensure it’ll work for years to come.

It’s also a good choice if you brew a lot of espressos because it has a built-in tamper.


  • No overheating
  • 10-year guarantee on the burrs
  • Durable build
  • Adjustable dosing


  • Too bulky for home use
  • Warranty doesn’t work for home use
  • Heavy

Things to Consider Before Buying a Commercial Coffee Grinder

Grinder Type

There are four kinds of grinders you can choose from:

  • Doser – Has a chamber that grounds go into and a lever you pull to release the grounds into a portafilter. These grinders are mostly electronic.
  • Doserless – Deposit coffee straight into the portafilter via a chute. Is more difficult to use, as you have to eyeball how much coffee goes into the portafilter.
  • Stepped – Least common commercial grinder, more common in home use. It’s easy to adjust the grind size. You don’t have to dial in the grinder too often.
  • Stepless – Gives the most precise grind and is very adaptable to adjustments. Some have preset notches that help you determine the grind size.

Burr Type

Pay attention to burr material and thickness. The rule is the thicker the burr, the longer you can use it. This is especially important if you serve many cups a day.

Also, think about conical vs. flat burr. Flat burrs spin very fast and produce chip-like grinds. However, the faster the spin, the higher the chance of beans burning up, ruining the coffee flavor. Flat burrs are easy to clog and are high maintenance.

Conical burrs are made of a ring and cone shape that fit into each other. They are better at capturing coffee aroma, and you don’t have to worry they’ll burn up the coffee beans as they use gravity to chop coffee beans.

Hopper Capacity

Some grinders can hold a pound of beans, while others can hold much more.

The bigger the hopper, the more beans it can hold and the more cups you can brew without refilling the grinder. For example, Rancilio Rocky has a 10.5 oz capacity, while La Pavoni has 2 lbs.

Think about the size of your business and how busy your days are on average when deciding on hopper capacity.

The Number of Customers

How many customers do you serve on average, and what drinks do you sell most often?

If you have a lot of rushes, a fast grinder is crucial. You should go for a grinder that doesn’t require a lot of fiddling with settings. Also, the bigger the grinder, the more it can hold, and the more customers you can serve.

Do you mostly sell espressos or filter coffee? If you have a lot of coffee connoisseurs, it’ll pay off to invest in a stepless grinder, such as one for espresso.

Your Business

Finally, think about your business needs. Do you have a coffee shop that sells espresso and espresso-based drinks? Then a doser grinder will save you a lot of time as you’ll be able to serve a large number of customers.

Or, do you have a shop with various kinds of coffee drinks? Then a doserless grinder can also work.

Final Thoughts

All of the commercial coffee grinders I listed here are top-notch, but before making a decision, think about your business needs. Consider how many customers you serve and what kinds of drinks they order.

All of these devices can hold their own but take into account their specific settings and your business needs before making a purchase.

Once you’ve made your choice, order your commercial coffee grinder, and bring your coffee shop to the next level.

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