The Ultimate Chicken Showdown

Facing off in flavor and spice: Sesame Chicken's sweet allure vs. General Tso’s fiery kick. Which will you choose?

Sweetness Meets Crunch

Sesame Chicken: A dance of honeyed sweetness with a sesame sprinkle, offering a lighter, more nuanced delight.

Spice That Entices

General Tso’s Chicken: Bold and spicy with a depth of flavor that packs a punch. A dish for those who dare.

A Tale of Two Textures

While both may crunch, Sesame Chicken offers a lighter bite, and General Tso’s brings a heavier, saucier chew.

Your Plate, Your Choice

Whether it’s the sweet harmony of Sesame or the spicy symphony of General Tso’s, your dinner is set to dazzle.