The Curry Conundrum

Ever wondered about the difference between Panang curry and Red curry? It's not just the color that sets them apart!

The Spice Spectrum

Panang curry, known for its sweet touch from coconut cream and peanuts, offers a milder taste. Red curry, on the other hand, turns up the heat with an abundance of red chilis.

Texture Tells

Panang curry boasts a thicker, more viscous texture perfect alongside fluffy rice. Meanwhile, Red curryโ€™s thinner consistency makes it ideal for soupy delights.

Flavorful Journeys

From the nutty nuances of Panang to the vibrant zest of Red curry, each brings its own unique flavor profile to the table, enriched with lemongrass or tomato notes.

Your Culinary Choice

Whether you lean towards the savory sweetness of Panang or the spicy depths of Red curry, exploring these flavors is a delicious adventure waiting to happen!