The Mystery of Egg-Smelling Chicken

Ever unpacked chicken and been hit by an egg-like smell? You're not alone. Discover why your chicken might have this unexpected aroma.

Culprits Unveiled

From blood spoilage to packaging oxidation, the reasons behind that eggy smell in chicken are varied. Even Salmonella could be a suspect.

To Eat or Not to Eat?

A slight eggy smell might not spell doom for your dinner plans. Rinse the chicken and cook it to an internal temperature of 165ยฐF for a safe meal.

Red Flags to Watch Out For

Be wary of persistent bad smells, slimy texture, or off-colors. These are clear signs your chicken belongs in the trash, not on the table.

Freshness First: Storage Tips

Proper storage is key. Refrigerate raw chicken for 1-2 days max, and always keep cooked leftovers for no more than three days for optimal safety.